Sew do it already!



The aftermath of Black Friday is behind us and I, for one, am relieved. My shopping went well. There are only a few gifts remaining on my list. Of course, I did make sure to buy myself something nice in the midst of all the sale prices. I got a good deal on a sewing machine. It’s a craft I haven’t worked in years.

When I was a young girl (I would say little, but those that know me know I only stand at 5 foot 1 inch), my Grandma Cruz was always sewing as were my mother and aunts. It was something I always liked to watch.

I had a sewing machine as a child, but tended to sew by hand more often than not. I made pillows, pillow cases, bags, anything square. I found that to be easiest. My skills never developed very far, but I enjoyed the pure creativity of it.

Grandma Cruz would make us all sorts of things. She made a pink blanket for me when I was born. I have now put that blanket up for safe keeping since the years have taken a toll on it. However, I have made sure to take a picture of each of my three little ones on that blanket. I even have a picture of me on it as a toddler. It’s something I will always adore.

There are a couple of reversible bags that my Aunt Estella made for my sister and I when we were kids still hanging in the closet at my mother’s house. When I see them a heavy curtain of nostalgia stays with me for a bit. I love being able to think of all the memories associated with those bags. We used to pack them with all of our road trip goodies when we’d head to the beach or even just a quick trip to San Antonio.

My mother would make my sister and I matching outfits for portraits. We always laughed and joked about those pictures growing up, but when I think about it now I know how completely awesome those outfits really were. My mother made them. That’s not something most kids can say today. So I’ve taken it upon myself to sew more, to sew often.

 Now, I may not make clothes, but I am going to attempt to make a purse and an apron this weekend. If all goes well I will share the pictures of my completed projects with you on a later blog. Wish me luck and all the nimbleness of a true seamstress because I’m going to need it.

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