Serious accident at factory in Jourdanton

A 27 year old man was involved in an accident at the Wilco Peanut factory in Jourdanton around 10:30 p.m. on Thursday when his arm jammed in between a pulley and the conveyor belt while the machinery was running, nearly severing it from his body. Jourdanton VFD responded to the accident.

Using wrenches and cutting torches, firefighters worked to release the young man. He was conscious the entire time, according to David Prasifka, Jourdanton Fire Chief. Jourdanton EMS had also arrived, and administered painkillers to him while he was trapped.

According to David Prasifka, the Fire Chief of Jourdanton VFD, it only took Jourdanton VFD 11 minutes from the time they were called until they had freed him. Prasifka said he was very proud of the Jourdanton VFD and their work.

Jourdanton EMS took the injured man to the helipad at the Atascosa County Sheriff’s office, where airlife picked him up and took him to a hospital in San Antonio.

Joseph R. Warnken, representing Wilco Peanut Company, said “We want to extend our sympathy for the family of our worker, and we are currently investigating this incident. It is our top priority at Wilco Peanut Factory to ensure the safety of our workers.”

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