Sensitivity and slander



Last week, a miracle happened. I regained the fullness of my sense of smell, which was weird because I didn’t know that my sense of smell was broken in the first place. Growing up, I always knew that there were people who seemed to be bloodhounds. Their sniffers just seemed to be superior to mine. I thought I was normal and that they were the freaks of nature. It turns out that all this time, I was just deficient in a few vitamins and minerals. However, what is even more alarming is that you might be deficient, too.

Let’s rewind the tape. So, last week, I started taking large quantities of vitamin B12. I also started taking frequent epsom salt baths, which is a great way to get your magnesium levels back up. Apparently, the onetwo punch of the vitamin B12 and magnesium combo is exactly what people need to rejuvenate their sense of smell. This might have been one of the most impactful revelations of my life. All of the sudden, the world came alive! I felt like Wolverine from the XMen with a mutant sense of smell. I could sense the fullness of the world around me. The aroma of food was profoundly vivid. However, so was anything that smelled putrid. Whether it was a trash can, or someone’s body odor (including my own), or a seemingly phantom scent of decay that had been in a house, I could smell it all in high definition. All this time, I had been missing out on the beauty … and the horror around me. Upon realizing that I had basically been partially nose blind for probably most of my life, I wondered how many other people suffer from this same deficiency. How many people were missing the boat, just like me? And then … I started pondering about spiritual things.

In Psalm 139:23-24, King David asked God to search him and show him if there was any offensive way in him. First off, I don’t think many people are like David. I don’t think they honestly ask God to reveal what stinks in their lives. Secondly, so many of us couldn’t even smell the rank scent of our own embittered souls, even if God put it right in front of us, because we are so spiritually deficient. Most people are woefully biblically illiterate, and those who do read the scriptures use them like a billy club to beat down anyone who sins differently than they do. In lieu of that … and the vitriolic political season that we find ourselves in, I would like all of us to simmer down and take the sniff test of slander. In a time when everyone finds it all too easy to slander the presidential candidates and anyone who votes differently than they do, I want you to remember one thing. In the Book of Jude, it is written that even the archangel Michael did not slander Satan. So, even if you do think that Donald Trump or Joe Biden is the Devil, maybe take the high road like Michael and refrain from indulging the stench of slander … lest there be an offensive way in you.

PAUL MICHAEL JONES is an artist who currently dabbles in music, photography and creative writing.

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