Seiler named CEO Methodist Hospital South

Greg Seiler

Greg Seiler

Greg Seiler, Methodist Hospital South, Chief Executive Officer, grew up in Boerne. He started his career in healthcare at Methodist Hospital in the medical center 27 years ago. Seiler stayed with Methodist for 10 years then worked in health care at other facilities for 12 years until coming back as the CEO of Metropolitan Methodist in 2012. Seiler became CEO of Methodist South in Jourdanton in January 2019.

Before taking the lead in 2012 at Metropolitan Methodist, Seiler was CEO of Rio Grande Regional Hospital in McAllen. He also served as COO of Riverside (Calif.) Community Hospital, COO of Gulf Coast Medical Center in Panama City, Fla., and vice president of cardiovascular and neuroscience services at Methodist Hospital in San Antonio throughout his career. While at the helm of Rio Grande Regional, Seiler helped grow the hospital’s market share, aided it in receiving Level III trauma designation and improved the hospital’s patient and employee satisfaction. After his success at Rio Grande Regional, Seiler lead a $50 million expansion project at Metropolitan Methodist Hospital.

“So beginning in January, I now am the CEO of Metropolitan and Methodist Hospital South,” said Seiler. “I have been working closely with Methodist

South during the past two years. Some of the physicians that work at Metropolitan are also now working here. We’ve been working on sharing more staff members, just things that make sense for us.”

Seiler says that now that he is CEO of both hospitals, they are going to continue to work on things that make sense to share. “We’ve already got some new positions that have traditionally worked at Metropolitan that are now coming here,” said Seiler. He said that there are specialists, orthopedic surgeons, urologists and more cardiology in the process of coming to or already at Methodist South. “One of the newest services we have is orthopedics that started a few months ago,” said Seiler. “I know that was a huge loss to the community a couple of years ago.”

“Dr. Ontiveros is now our medical director for cardiology here,” said Seiler. “She’s the leader of that group and she’s working with us to elevate our services here. We’re going to be working towards getting more certifications and accreditations in cardiology to be able to provide a wider range of services and a higher level of service here.”

“One of the things that I’ve heard in just the short amount of time, going around and talking to primary care physicians and also members of the community is, they don’t want to go to San Antonio unless they absolutely have to,” said Seiler. “We don’t want people to go to San Antonio unless they have to. We want to be able to provide as much as we can safely here at Methodist South, but also when necessary, we want to be able to quickly, efficiently transfer them to San Antonio,” said Seiler. “We have access to every specialist that’s in San Antonio via the helicopter flying into Metropolitan Methodist or Methodist Hospital or Methodist Children’s Hospital or any of the other eight Methodist hospitals that are in San Antonio. We have access to all of those. So that should be one of the main messages. If you have a medical issue or an emergency, come to Methodist South first.”

Methodist Healthcare System is linked to the Methodist Healthcare brand, which is driven by its faith-based foundation and mission of serving humanity to honor God by providing exceptional and cost-effective health care that is accessible to all. Methodist Healthcare Systems is co-owned by HCA and Methodist Healthcare Ministries, the partnership between HCA and Methodist Healthcare Ministries has lasted over 20 years. Seiler said that he believes this partnership is the strongest thing that Methodist brings to Atascosa County. HCA is the largest hospital operator in the country. Methodist Healthcare Ministries, is one of the largest non-profit healthcare providers in the country.

Seiler said that Methodist Healthcare Ministries has spent about a half a million dollars in Atascosa county during the last year serving the underserved. Some of those funds went to Wesley nurses and some to providing money to Atascosa County Health Center who Seiler says does incredible work in the community.

The ultimate goal of Methodist is to elevate the level of healthcare in Atascosa County. “Most recently HCA won an award for a technology that we’re using in our hospitals right now that identifies early on Sepsis patients,” said Seiler. “Sepsis has a typically very high mortality in hospitals, in the double digits, as high as 20 or 30 percent. So with this new treatment, we can get that mortality rate into single digits. With the HCA and Methodist Ministries partnership and expertise, our goal for Methodist South is increased local caring and a local elevation of healthcare. That’s what the Methodist system brings to Atascosa County.”

On July 1, 2017, South Texas Regional Medical Center became part of the Methodist Healthcare System family now known as Methodist Hospital South. At that time, they stated that even though our name has changed, the heart of our hospital remains; it just got a little bigger. The foundation Methodist South stands on is faith-based and driven by their commitment to “Serving Humanity to Honor God”.

Methodist South remains Atascosa County’s hometown hospital.

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