Security guard fakes knife attack at local oil company

Early Monday morning, April 15th, Atascosa County sheriff’s deputies responded to the Schlumberger yard in Leming around 12:45 a.m. for a report of the security guard being stabbed and tied up during a burglary attempt. Sergeant Investigators Max Peralta, Jesse Martinez and Albert Garza responded to the scene to assist deputies Chris Neely, Josh Ruiz, Stephen Wilson and Sergeant Deputy Kevin Draughn.

The security guard told the officers that four suspects had entered the property and were attempting to burglarize RV trailers located there when he approached them. The security guard claimed to have been stabbed in the leg by the suspects who then reportedly put a rope around his neck and tied him to a truck.

Poteet EMS treated the victim before he was air-lifted to a San Antonio hospital according to Sheriff David Soward. The CID team worked the scene for most of the night processing evidence and looking for clues. Sheriff Soward stated his investigators began noticing discrepancies in the security guard’s version of events as they went over the case the following morning.

Sergeants Peralta and Martinez interviewed the security guard after his release from the hospital last Friday. After a two hour interview and video statement, the security guard confessed to investigators that he had fabricated the whole story and that he had intentionally stabbed himself in the thigh and had placed the rope around his own neck to stage the fake crime. Sheriff Soward stated that investigators plan to charge the security guard with making a False Report. Also assisting deputies at the scene was DPS Corporal Bobby Bratten.

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