Seawater Desalination-San Antonio’s

My compliments to San Antonio Express News Editorial of Dec. 21, 2015 for “Look toward Gulf for water in the future.”

The future is now, not 2050. San Antonio has the opportunity to combine their resources with Corpus Christi and build a joint plant benefitting all of South Texas. Preliminary studies show seawater desalination is competitive in price with fresh water from Burleson County.

Please refer to Corpus Christi Caller Times guest editorial of Sept. 8, 2014 discussing Corpus Christi’s plans to build a seawater desalination plant. And San Antonio could join the effort and pipe 50,000 acre-feet per year to the local distribution system for its citizen’s use.

As the National Weather Service’s Dr. Steve Lyons keynoted in his address to the Texas Legislature’s Joint Desalination Committee meetings, seawater desalination is totally sustainable with minimum environmental effects. Net carbon neutrality is an admirable goal but it is not the only reason to “look to the Gulf”.

Jay Troell, P.E. Atascosa Director, Evergreen UWCD Pleasanton, TX

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