Scooby Dooby Doo, we found you

ACSO Deputy Daniel Hernandez and ACAC Chief Henry Dominguez retrieve Scooby from a rural home near Poteet. ATASCOSA COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL COURTESY PHOTO

ACSO Deputy Daniel Hernandez and ACAC Chief Henry Dominguez retrieve Scooby from a rural home near Poteet. ATASCOSA COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL COURTESY PHOTO

Two weeks ago, a Great Dane by the name of Scooby went missing from his owners, Timothy Overgaard and Amber Blanchard of New Braunfels. Timmy formerly worked for the Coast Guard before a severe paralyzing injury put him in a rest home at age 22. The couple was in the process of getting a house and needed somebody to take care of Scooby in the meantime.

They were referred to Little Texas Rescue Ranch who offered to find a boarding situation for Scooby, which is what the couple initially wanted: Scooby is Tim’s emotional support animal.

Amber met a woman by the name of Olivia at an old church on Wednesday, March 27, and was told she would be given daily updates on Scooby and also a number to call to set up boarding cost. However, things did not go as planned.

“The number she gave me wasn’t a working number. I tried calling her and messaging everyday to check on Scooby, and nothing,” she said. Amber tried every form of communication with the rescue ranch to get an update on Scooby, but could not get in touch with anyone.

“After a week, I came to the realization they never had the intention of boarding him,” said Amber. “I sent them a message on their website saying since we had not heard from them we were going to call the police.”

Not long after, a woman called her from Olivia’s number claiming to be a volunteer for the rescue ranch as well. She said she did not know anyone by the name of Olivia and that they did not have someone with that de- scription working there until Amber showed her a picture.

“She said she did know her, saying she was a 15-year-old teenager who volunteered for them,” said Amber. “She claimed they did not have any Great Danes in their possession and when I kept pressing, said she was going to call her lawyer and sue us, then hung up.”

According to Amber, Scooby was allegedly posted for sale online and when Kens5’s story on Scooby went public, was immediately taken down. “It was as if they were laying low for the time being and then got rid of him as quickly as possible,” she said.

Deputy Daniel Hernandez with Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) was assigned to follow up on the investigation. In conjunction with Chief Henry Dominguez of Atascosa County Animal Control (ACAC), the two were led to a rural home near Poteet Monday morning. In a Facebook post by ACAC, the Great Dane was found “skinny, but otherwise in good spirits.”

The people who had Scooby didn’t know he was missing and immediately surrendered him over to authorities. “We were told that he exhibited signs of depression while at the house and was probably missing his family,” said Chief Dominguez in the post.

Amber was contacted by ACAC and on Monday afternoon, reunited with the overjoyed Great Dane at the ACAC Facility.

“Tim and I are both just so happy to have him back and cannot thank everyone enough for their help in finding him,” said Amber. “We are not going to sue the rescue group, but they are going to try to sue us, so we’ll see what happens. I’m just glad to have [Scooby] home.”

The couple has found another place for Scooby to be boarded where he will be trained to become a proper service dog for Tim.

You can see the happy reunion video of Scooby and Amber on the Pleasanton Express Facebook page.

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