School Opening Delayed New H.S. Plant Not Ready

60 Years ago-

Originally published in the August 29, 1957 edition of the Pleasanton Express


School Opening Delayed New H.S. Plant Not Ready

School to Open On September 9th

Opening of all Pleasanton schools has been postponed until September 9, Supt. J.D. Kingeman announced this week.

School originally was scheduled to begin here on September 3.  The delay is necessary because the two classroom buildings and cafeteria unit of the new high school ploant aren’t ready for occupancy.

Registration for all Pleasanton students will be held on Sept. 6.

“We belive tat the week’s postponement will give us enough time to put t hew new high school plant into operation,” Supt. Klingeman said, “and we believe this will be more satisfactory than trying to hold high school classes in the old plant and then making a shift.”

The contractor had given assurances that the three new high school buildings would be ready but the assurances evaporated Monday with a visit from an inspector for Harvey P. Smith and Associates, architects for the new plant.

The inspector said bluntly that the classroom and cafeteria buildings weren’t near enough completion for a preliminary inspection.  He advised against opening school in the three buildings until a final inspection is made and the buildings Okayed by the architect.

It is expected that the inspector will return tomorrow (Friday) to make his preliminary inspection.  He will be back on next Tuesday for the final check-up, under present plans.

With the news that the plant would not be ready, school officials had three choices: Starting school on schedule in the old plant; postponement of the opening date; or starting the elementary and junior high schools on schedule and delaying the opening day for the high school until Sept. 9.

A sampling of opinion indicated that most persons contacted were in favor of a week’s postponement for all the schools.  Officials favored postponement.  One of the big reasons: A staggered schedule would require two weeks of extra bus runs.  It was also felt that a staggered schedule would cause confusion and some mothers with children in both elementary and high school said it would be “inconvenient.”

Street work at the new high school plant also has lagged.  It is beginning this week. Pleasanton probably will be short two teachers when school does open: a librarian and a counselor.  Supt. Klingeman said possibilities of obtaining qualified persons to fill these vacancies are “remote.”  He has told trustees all along that he would prefer no counselor to one of inferior caliber.

All of the teachers on the faculty this year will be qualified to meet state requirements.


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