Scams, again

Sheriff David Soward has received several complaints about scams circulating again in the Jourdanton and Pleasanton area.

The caller claims to be a representative of the IRS and has some personal information on their target.

The scammer tells them they owe back taxes and must pay immediately or they will be arrested by the local Sheriff.

The caller then threatens them to not hang up.

“We stopped one citizen from losing $10,000,” said Sheriff Soward.

The Sheriff advises to hang up immediately if anyone receives this call.

“If they call back tell them you have notified the sheriffs office and they advised you to hang up. Then hang up,” said Soward.

If you have any questions, call the Atascosa County Sheriffs Office at 830-769-3434 ext #2223, 2226, 2225 or 2222.

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