SAWS should be Coast bound

There is a huge population growth in Bexar County and they all need water. What SAWS fails to menion is that they also need to eat. So why in the world would SAWS target their rural reighbor’s water supply in the Carrizo/ Wilcox aquifers (the Carrizo is already being pumped faster than it is being recharged)?

Atascosa and Wilson counties are already in their sights. The rural farmers and ranchers need that water to raise crops and livestock to feed the people who live in the urban area. What hapens when SAWS runs our irigators out of business. It reminds me of what the city of Los Angeles water grab did to California years ago. Look it up and you will see how devastating this was. The solution to the problem is for SAWS to go to the Coast and desalinate sea water and leave the Carrizo/ Wilcox for the rural communities and irrigation. that way people in Bexar County will have all the water they need and the water in the Carrizo/ Wilcox will last many years to come.

Morris Cowley

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