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Atascosa County native Sara White graced the cover of the May issue of The Dominion Magazine. She was featured in a story titled, “Building a Community” by Brian Kenneth Swain, about her role as an event coordinator with The Dominion Homeowner’s Association Neighborhood Outreach Committee.
The publication is the official magazine of The Dominion HOA.
White is the daughter of Simon Rodriguez Jr. married to Rosie Rodriguez of Jourdanton. Her mother is Mary Ramos, married to Richard Ramos of Poteet.
The 1997 graduate of Jourdanton High School also reigned as Miss Jourdanton, during the 1996-97 school year.
She and husband Scott White, a 1998 graduate of Poteet High School, began dating in the fall of 1998. They married in the fall of 2002 and will celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary in October. They have two children, Cameron, age 9 and Carter, whose 7th birthday was in June.
White had been asked for many months about being featured in the magazine. She and her husband had agreed they would not, as they enjoy being private and reserved. White changed her mind after the magazine committee changed their tactics and approached the story line a different way.
In 2011, the Whites bought a home in The Dominion, but Scott’s job with Rackspace brought them to London two years later.
“We relocated our family from San Antonio half way across the world to London! It was every emotion you can think of. We were ecstatic, a little scared, overwhelmed, thrilled, happy, sad,” said White.
“We definitely had an adjustment period, however, once we leaped over that hurdle in the road, we absolutely loved living there. We loved everything about the pedestrian way of live, the accessibility to the many different countries to visit and explore, we loved exposing (ourselves and) our children to the many different cultures, a different way of life and a whole new world of delicious foods!”
The family returned to San Antonio in 2013. Sara said they always knew the neighborhood held the reputation of being that of older residents. However, they couldn’t help but fall in love with the charm of the neighborhood, the location, the amenities and the surrounding schools.
“We didn’t originally set out to make a difference in bringing the community together… it just gradually happened over time. We met other families with young children living in the Dominion and we all had the same complaint… too formal… not family friendly… not enough options for children… etc. So instead of waiting for someone else to decide to do something about it- we just made it happen! I, with a handful of other families, decided to host a casual small pot-luck of sorts pre-Halloween party in a centralized park of the neighborhood. The party was a fun success, the HOA caught wind of it and the rest is history!”
White explained that she serves on The Dominion HOA’s Neighborhood Outreach Committee, and is not lead by any means.
“There are far more people that are more qualified and have more time on their hands than I.”
She is just as happy to share her thoughts, give her input and follow up to ensure everyone’s best interests are being met. One of the key roles that she performs is hosting the key parties in the park. She organizes, guides and leads the parties.
“I’d love to see each event continue to grow, build and create unity within the community. I’d love for everyone on the roads to slow down and please be on the look out for our children. I’d love to have the HOA build a playground within the neighborhood… believe it or not, we do not have one! And the list goes on.”
White described some of the events they have held, like the Trick-or-Treat program and Food Truck Night, as well as the need to interact with one’s neighbors.
“Well, our neighborhood is quite large and we live in a time where it is easier to pull into our garages, close the door and go inside… instead of stopping for a minute and visiting with our neighbors. It’s really quite sad. There are soSara White.jpgSara White family.jpg many wonderful people out there. You just have to be willing to spend some time getting to know them!”
She emphasized that their parties are not just for young families- they are for everyone.
“One example- I had no clue that just one street over from me I had a pediatric emergency room doctor living there. What a beautiful peace of mind that gave me to know that in the event of one of my children had a fall, sprain or terrible accident, that if she were home she could come to my aid faster than dialing 911, or taking them to see a doctor… All because she was attending one of our parties and she was out to meet new friends!”
Trunk or Treat is designed to work for those that can’t simply search around the entire neighborhood looking for a house that has their porch light on. It is also for those whom live on a street that usually doesn’t see much action, but would love to have trick-or-treaters come to visit.
Said White, “We line the park with cars (or golf carts) backed in to a parking spot, the resident decorates his Trunk to a theme of their choice and then the party starts as soon as guests arrive. Each trunk provides their own candy. We have a DJ playing music, games for the kids and even awards for best costumes, best trunks, etc.”
Food Truck Night is a popular one! They line the streets with different food truck vendors. They have music and light children’s entertainment.
“It is a yummy fun night indeed!”
“The End of School and other parties like it all consist of simple fun stuff for the kids to enjoy while the parents relax and enjoy each other’s company. We offer music, bounce houses, video game trucks, petting zoos, Bahama Buck’s shaved ice, face paint, balloon artist and more.”
White encourages others in the neighborhood to participate in such events by word of mouth.
“We do email, post banners etc., but really it’s all word of mouth- friends telling friends what a fun time they are having at our events.”
In the future, she would like to see more “children at play” signage, a playground and more socials.
As for hobbies, the Whites enjoy a wide variety of activities, mainly outdoors.
“We love spending time together as a family taking tent and RV camping trips, hiking, sailing, skiing, bike riding and playing all kinds of sports together. He and I really like to play tennis together and against one another.”
Her advice to other women, whether they are stay-at-home moms or mothers who work outside the home is, “You know, I don’t have all the answers, nor do I ever presume to. I don’t believe any of us do… All I can do is just do the best I can with what I have and continue to move forward with that, never looking back. Life deals us all a crazy deck of cards sometimes, but if you play your cards right and keep a positive attitude you can go far. Judge less, love more, we’re all in this together!”

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