Sales tax still strong for county



While the monthly city sales and use tax may be down a bit from last year’s distribution for Pleasanton, Charlotte and Lytle, the year-to-date amount is still up compared to 2013 figures. The cities in Atascosa County will receive $920,380.16 this month. Though the amount is smaller that last year’s total, the combined yearto date is $9,058,045.64 up 9.22 percent.

Texas Comptroller Susan Combs said that state salesComparison tax revenue in October was $2.41 billion,Net Paymentup 12.9Comparable percentCountycomparedThis Periodto October 2013.

“AtascosaStrong growth$760,550.48in sales taxBeereceipts was$165,677.39apparent acrossFrio all major$228,029.22economic

Karnes $909,161.93 sectors,” Combs said.

“NotableSummaryincreases– Novemberfrom retail trade and the oil and naturalPmnt.gas-relatedPercent sectors2014 Payments PriorledYearthe growth,Changeindicating To Date increased spending by

715,010.46both consumers6.36%and businesses.” 8,180,997.75

188,776.21 -12.23% 1,909,633.27

211,608.17Combs will 7.76%send cities,2,334,884.80

643,550.66 41.27% 7,929,729.71 counties, transit systems 2014and special purpose taxing districts their

November2013 Paymentslocal salesPercenttax allocationsTo Datetotaling Change$723.1 million, up 10.5 percent compared7,203,165.10to November13.57%

2013. 1,928,478.33 -0.97%%

1,692,961.93 37.91%



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