Safer Path Family Violence Shelter Adopt A Family ProgramFree Access

Safer Path is gearing up for their annual Adopt A Family Program. Each year they reach out to the community seeking those interested in adopting either a child or children for the holiday. The shelter is blessed to have a local sorority adopt their mom/dad depending on who is the client, of these beautiful kids. So, they also get Christmas. The shelter just needs to get their kiddos adopted out. Here’s the requirements and how it works:
1. Decide how many children you would like to adopt for Christmas. (They urge you to adopt out the children in one family together, but it is not required).
2. You will receive the child’s first name only, age, gender, sizes, want and wish list. (For safety reasons you will not get to see or meet the child or children).
3. You go shopping! Each gift must be wrapped with the child’s name on the gift along with a dedicated number identifying the client, and that will be provided when you get the child’s wish list. 
4. All gifts must be turned in by Monday, Dec. 17 by 4 p.m. the very latest. 
5. A private Christmas party is held the same week for the children and they receive their gifts, along with meeting Santa.
Please call Shawnene Heather at 830-569-2001 or email her at if you are still interested and want to adopt. 

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