Running backs slip from NFL fantasy football?



There is talk around the NFL of the worth of the running backs in NFL Fantasy Football slipping away. I experienced that same effect this previous fantasy season. Also a big impact is having some players that carry some great wealth and losing them to season long injuries. Another reason one of my last Fantasy Teams did not make it to the playoffs. Another issue I think needs to be covered in the Fantasy World is the effect of teams who have already acquired a top playoff spot and sitting some of their starters to avoid injuries and losing a Fantasy playoff games do to that issue.

Within the league, the passing offense is gaining popularity and the running game is becoming the second option at the line of scrimmage, affecting the Fantasy points that running backs are stacking up or not doing so. This affects the first round Fantasy draft picks and in some cases picks in the second round. In the course of this evolving. I believe the wide receiver and tight end are becoming the popular first round pick and also the quarter backs picking up some steam. In this coming draft make sure you think about this impact on your fantasy board.

There is not a lot you can do about the impact of a an injury, whether it is for a few weeks or for the season. One option is the draft only picks one defense, sense midway through the season there should be another defense that is gaining popularity. Defenses tend to be an easy pick up when needed, So just stay on top of the trending news in the Fantasy World. Staying on top of NFL Fantasy news and trends so you can make knowledgeable trades and changes to your teams roster.

As far as the Fantasy season, it really needs to be thought about as far as how many weeks the regular Fantasy season schedule is. I believe that last week should be avoided and start your playoff weeks a week earlier, avoiding the fact that some teams with a playoff spot in the top three or four rankings may sit their players to avoid injuries.

In the past I was one saying that Fantasy Football was boring and I avoided getting involved in playing even though I constantly watch several NFL news programs and I am a devoted NFL fan of not just my long time favorite team of the Forty Niners but a huge fan of the entire NFL as well. Now that I have gotten involved in various Fantasy leagues over the last 3 years I must say, I was completely wrong. Having an opinion that I had no facts to base my judgement on in the world of NFL Fantasy Football. If you have the opinion I had four years ago, give it a chance. If you do so join a few different leagues and you may possibly find one that you may enjoy. There are many websites that are free such as the one on There are also free leagues on Yahoo Sports and ESPN NFL’s website. After gaining some experience and how Fantasy Football works you can always set up your own custom leagues on most of these free sites and maybe set up your own league with some friends. In a custom league you make the rules and set up how the league is run. If you do not already enjoy NFL Fantasy Football, it is reccomended you at least give it a run. I sure am glad I gave it a chance!

In an addition, the impact Fantasy football can have is the fact that picking your Fantasy team can have an impact on a team you love. In picking your fantasy team the choice you have, can make you sway for a player on a rival of your favorite NFL team. It can bring you to respect the range of teams in the NFL. You will find that a team that has a great record against you’re favorite team or simply a rival against your team!

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