Rosie Lopez retires from Post Office

Jourdanton Post Office Clerk Rosie Lopez celebrated 37 years of creditable service with the U.S. Post Office. This includes over 2,000 hours of unused sick leave.

In 37 years of service with the U.S. Post Office, Rosie Lopez has left quite an impression on her coworkers and customers alike.

Thursday, Oct. 28 marked her last day as a clerk at the Jourdanton Post Office. She celebrated the special occasion with a ceremony at the post office with her husband of 33 years, Israel Lopez, in attendance. Current and past coworkers shared stories and memories of Lopez from throughout the years. They joked about how she would always carry lipstick, but would lose it. So she started carrying around Chapstick instead. During the day, customers stopped by for a hug and to let Lopez know they would miss her.

“She’s so helpful and everybody loves her,” said Jourdanton Post Master Norma Olsen. “When all of her customers walk in they ask, ‘Where’s Rosie?’ They call and ask, ‘Is Rosie there?’ She’s been here for a long time and so this is her home.”

Olsen described Lopez as very dedicated and punctual. She was caring towards customers and coworkers and did it all with a smile, Olsen shared.

Fellow clerks Devyn Lucas and April Bailey also shared the pleasure they have had knowing Lopez and working alongside her. Lucas has worked with Lopez for four 1/2 years, but has known her longer than that. She will miss not being able to go to Lopez when she has a question.

“It’s weird that she’s not going to be here,” said Lucas. “It’s almost like having a mother figure.”

Lopez began her career in 1986 at the General Mail Facility (GMF) San Antonio Post Office on Perrin Beitel Road.

“I transferred here in May of 1992 as a city carrier,” said Lopez.

In September of 1998, she transferred to a clerk position. Over the years, she has worked in the surrounding area, such as Pleasanton, Poteet, Charespecially lotte and Devine.

“We come in when it’s still dark out and sometimes we don’t leave until it’s dark,” shared Bailey.

Lopez’s actual official last day would have been Friday, Oct. 29, but she took it off for her birthday. Her family honored her with a surprise party the previous Saturday.

Throughout her experience in the field, she has worked with many Post Masters and seen changes such as going from licking stamps to sticking them on the envelopes. The mail volume as far as packages has also increased dramatically.

It is the interaction with people and coworkers that she will miss the most. However, she won’t miss the many drives from her home in Charlotte, Saturday through Friday. She enjoyed her last two years of work, even with the pandemic and snowfall this past February.

She is looking forward to more leisure time that she can spend with her grandchildren, reading, baking and fishing with her husband.

“I would also like to thank my family,” said Lopez. “If it wasn’t for them supporting me, I wouldn’t have been so successful in coming to work all the time.”

Lopez and her husband were blessed with two children, Noe and Angelica Lopez; and three grandchidren: Jacob, Noelani and Keira Lopez. Her husband recently retired from the Atascosa County Jail. She also thanked her parents, Louis and Eva Badillo of Charlotte.

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