River Rats

Weekend of friends, floatin’ and fun



had not been to the river since Senior Skip Day way back when. Not that
I ever skipped school, of course. It was fun then, but at that age you
don’t truly appreciate a childfree weekend at the river with good

all, eight of us made it to the Frio a couple weeks ago. We have a
total of 9 kids between us. While we all love and miss our kids while
we’re gone, we were glad to have a weekend to ourselves.

hubs and I started the weekend early, arriving on Thursday evening. We
get to the cabin and make our way to the upstairs entry, scrambled for
the light to find that we had time warped. The place was filled with
furniture, appliances and decor from our childhood. I tried to make
popcorn and thought twice about calling my mother to ask her what
temperature I should set the microwave to. While we did have a microwave
with dials at one point, I did not remember ever having to set an
actual degree. We ended the night with wine and dominos outside on the
porch listening to sounds of the river and the country night.

arrived the following day and we played a bit of horseshoes where our
friends, Gilbert and Mari, were “champions”. I use the term loosely since
they only won one game. 😛 However I pleaded that I should have been
awarded 15 points for making a ringer on a nearby tree branch. LOL Now
that’s skill.

spent the afternoon in the river just relaxing, conversing and
listening to music. It was perfect. There was barbecue for dinner and
plenty to wash it down with. We did nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was

capped off the evening with a good old fashioned game of Hide-N-Seek in
the dark. Which by the way is a lot harder to play when you can no
longer contort yourself into tiny spaces. Although, Heath, had the best
spot of the night atop the refrigerator. Lots of fun.

There is nothing better than having the friends we do. They are real. They are special. There are none better.

thank you Roxanne, Gilbert, Stephanie, Heath, Daniela and of course,
Mari. Thank you for a great weekend. We look forward to more. And thank
you for your friendship. We are grateful.

Heck of a ringer.

Heck of a ringer.

Frio River

Frio River

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