Reunited and it felt so good

Ahhh … reunion season. The time of year where you see former classmates. Some maybe for the first time since graduation, others that may still be your best friends and you see on a regular basis.

I got to “crash” the Pleasanton Class of 1976 reunion this past weekend.

My friend Judy came in early and there was much to do. Well, I only had to do a little but it involved paint and glitter – LOTS of glitter!

Wonderful sentiments were shared by classmates and a memorial presentation to honor those who have passed away was  well done. To the planners Carla Korus McDaniel, Michelle Elliott Woodlee, Amy Mims Porter and Judy Wehman Truax – y’all outdid yourselves, ladies!

Growing up in Pleasanton you know many more people than just your class and even your honor year class.

I knew people from every class that was honored except for 1946 and I got to meet him that night. Norman Rodgers was crowned the Coming Home King. He also happened to be celebrating his birthday that night.

The Class of 1986 was a special class as well. My cousin Barry Milam graduated that year and he and former classmates JC Martinez and Randy Reed and friends John Mayse and Richard Garcia seriously rocked the night away with their talents after the football game. Seeing their classmates, friends and family enjoying the show was awesome!

And if school reunions weren’t enough, most of my family got together to visit and send off my niece Sienna Brown Cimochow-ski back to Japan where she and her husband are stationed in the Air Force.

I had to share with my niece that although I’m a horrible letter-writing, phone-calling auntie – that I think about her so much and love that when we get together that we pick up where we left off.

The way I see it, basically, visiting with your friends and family – reconnecting, laughing and reminiscing – is simply the best.

True friendship and family love can’t be replaced.


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