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Dr. Cynthia Clinesmith

Dr. Cynthia Clinesmith

Making New Year resolutions is a task that is either embraced or avoided. While some look forward to a clean slate to to write down goals for the upcoming months, others would rather not commit to specific things they wish to accomplish or change.

Different leaders of our community were contacted to share their resolutions. They will be featured over the next few weeks.

Dr. Cynthia Clinesmith
Pleasanton ISD

My resolution this year at PISD:

I joined PISD with three clear goals by the Board of Trustees: 1) Move the district/campus from lowperforming status, 2) restore solid financial integrity (fund balance at state recommended levels, salaries brought to competitive levels, operational budget not dependent upon grants), and 3) develop a long-range plan for the district based upon comprehensive needs assessment. I have been blessed with a solid working Board of Trustees, a great staff, supportive parents/ community, and exceptional students that has allowed us to achieve all of these in less than two years.

This lets me now fully focus the coming year on implementing as many components of the longrange plan as possible…. with a particular emphasis on bringing student achievement to a higher level of performance by all students in every area.

By the end of the year, we should:

• Have our technology fully upgraded to support the instructional and operational (administrative) needs of the district

• Have protocols for teacher support/training solidly in place for consistent high standards of performance by highly qualified staff

• Have developed our new School District Scorecard which will communicate to parents/community members how we are performing in areas other than state testing (college/career readiness, fine arts, healthy lifestyles, parent involvement, etc.) in accordance with the new House Bill 5

• Have developed our Career Pathways aligned to the new Texas High School Diploma supporting our goal for every student to graduate with a full bridge to college and/or work after graduation (Natural Energy Resources, Health and Human Services, Business and Technology)

• Have addressed the highest priority security areas in our long-range plan (as feasible with current funds)

• Have honored the portion of the communitydeveloped bond proposal that was structured for local district completion (as feasible with current funds)

• Have all of our schools above state standards on the new state assessment indices (with no system safeguard concerns)

On a personal level, I plan to:

• Continue a visible presence on the campuses/at events daily – with a deeper emphasis on directly ‘listening’ for needs specific to increasing academic achievement for all

• Expand my involvement in local community events as time allows

• Find a balance that allows me time to connect with my six grandchildren to keep those relationships strong and supportive

• Attempt (again) to learn how to successfully grow a kitchen garden in the Pleasanton soil!

• Target 10,000 steps each day toward my own healthy lifestyle.

Susan Netardus
City of Jourdanton

For the city of Jourdanton:

• To begin the building of a new Sports Complex by Spring/Summer 2014;

• To know the direction we need to take to get our city pool back up and working ;• To see new housing subdivisions come into the city; and

• To have a better economic development sense to bring in more retail.

For Netardus personally:

Ever since my cancer diagnoses and going through all that I went through, you begin to see life a little differently. My resolution is to live life day to day, and not to sweat the small stuff. I want to continue to volunteer within my community and lend whatever expertise I may have. Lastly, I want to spend more time with my aging parents and tell them that I love them more often!

Susan Netardus

Susan Netardus

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