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Mayor Clint Powell City of Pleasanton

Mayor Clint Powell City of Pleasanton

In the second week of featuring people in our community sharing their New Year’s resolutions, we have the thoughts from Pleasanton Mayor Clint Powell and South Texas Regional Medical Center’s Chief Executive Officer Jim Resendez, FACHE.

Clint Powell Mayor City of Pleasanton

Let me start out by telling you it has been a while since I have made a New Year’s resolution. So, I am glad that Pleasanton Express editor Sue Brown asked me to share. I will start with my resolutions as Mayor of Pleasanton:

1. Promote a healthier life style for citizens of Pleasanton, TX (see personal resolution #1).

2. Put more effort toward issues that, while are not pressing or as talked about, are important to the continued quality of life in Pleasanton.

3. Promote a conflict resolution based on facts, knowledge, understanding (of different opinions, perspectives, etc.), and a desire to work together. This is of particular importance to me for several reasons. It is apparent that so many people have the city and its citizen’s best interest at heart. We still have issues when there is conflict between groups/people (sometimes working for the same goal). Diversity of interests, backgrounds, and perspectives is the spice of life. Let’s embrace that and use it to come up with the best solutions to our concerns and conflicts. Let’s not use “friendly folks” as not use “friendly folks” as a catch phrase, but as a true definition of who we are.

As for personal resolution, I am going to put my money where my mouth is.

1. To promote a healthier life style I am resolved to become a healthier person. Since we meet twice a month for city council meetings, it should be easy for those attend/have to attend to see if I am sticking to my commitment. I plan to do this through exercise and healthier living, to include; choosing to eat food not just for taste, exercise happiness, and a better commitment to exercise in general.

2. For business,

A. I am going to open a new restaurant this year.

B. I will complete a long time goal (flying related) by finishing my instrument, commercial (multi/single engine), and at least my CFI.

3. I will commit to work harder to foster a spirit of working cooperation in my personal, business, and public life.

Jim Resendez, FACHE Chief Executive Officer South Texas Regional Medical Center

The healthcare environment is changing and with it South Texas Regional Medical Center is resolute in our commitment to adapt our processes and services so we can remain the local leader in the provision of medical services.

Part of that resolution is to position the hospital as more than just a brick and mortar facility of healing, but rather a contributing partner in the overall health and wellness for our community. We want to be proactive in preventing disease by providing information through health fairs, relevant informational articles on health, and building our internal programs such as Senior Circle and Healthy Woman.

Last year we focused on creating the perfect venue for healthcare services with the opening of South Texas Medical Plaza on the hospital campus. This year we will work hard to ensure quality care is delivered to every patient at every interaction in clinics such as Lone Star Medicine, South Texas Orthopaedics and the new South Texas Women’s Care where the newest member of our medical staff, Dr. Juliana Rodriguez, OB/GYN, will be working hard to build our women’s health service line.

Our most important focus for 2014 is the nurses and staff who work at South Texas Regional Medical Center. We strive daily to let the great people who work sideby side with me, know how important they are. I am a firm believer that a dedicated hospital staff elicits the best from our medical staff and the two combined create a positive environment of compassionate care for the patients and family members who use our services.

Jim Resendez CEO of STRMC

Jim Resendez CEO of STRMC

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