Rescue Groups Wanted for Animal Shelter

The Atascosa County Animal Control is in need of rescue groups for their organization. They will be holding a meeting on Thursday, Nov. 30 at 6 p.m. for those who are interested in joining their animal rescue network. Lt. Henry Dominguez will be officiating the meeting with a goal of establishing a relationship and discussing guidelines of operation for the program. They ask of those who attend to please bring any and all ideas, suggestions, advice and opinions that will help the organization establish a proactive animal rescue program. The meeting is tailored specifically for rescue groups only and will be held in the old hot check office at the Department of Motor Vehicles at 1108 Campbell St. in Jourdanton. Spread the word and come on out to the meeting!

2 responses to “Rescue Groups Wanted for Animal Shelter”

  1. Teri says:

    Great to have a meeting .. and inviting the public to hear out ideas and help, but .. BUT you ARTICLE.. Does not say where this is to be held.. a date and time .. which is Tomorrow.. SO ????? The Article also states.. “Lt. Henry Dominguez ” is a Lt. of where .. the military.. a local law enforcement>? No contact info through his name either.. GREAT ..

    • Noel Wilkerson-Holmes says:

      A correction has been made on our website and on our Facebook and Twitter. We apologize for this omission.

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