Remembering Margie Mendez Arguijo

Margie Mendez Arguijo

Margie Mendez Arguijo

The day before Margie Mendez Arguijo, age 48, left this earth on Aug. 30, she spent her time with her children and grandchildren.

“She was the helping hand everybody needed,” said Jaimie Arguijo. “I mean, she was willing to help any way she could, even though she didn’t have much to offer, she’d find a way. She was my best friend. There’s no other way to say it. She was there when I needed her. She was there for anything, for the grandkids, she didn’t miss any event for the grandkids. She was at all school events. She was at birthday parties. She was everything. She was just, even though she felt ill and she had health complications of her own, she was still ready to go.”

The last memories Jaimie has of her children with her mother was Margie teaching her granddaughter how to make lemonade. Margie insisted upon teaching her granddaughter how to properly make lemonade so that she could sell the best and the most at her lemonade stand. Jaimie’s husband had built a lemonade stand for her daughter to sell the summertime juice and they were planning on setting it up the next day. The next day though, Jaime received a call from the police department to come to her mom’s home.

Jaimie said that she is still in shock after the death of her mother. She said that friends and family helped organize fundraisers to help pay for funeral expenses, but everything feels surreal. All Jaimie knows is that her mother and the grandmother to her children, who never missed a school or event occasion, is gone. Margie, known for her generosity and giving nature, gave to a person who took the ultimate advantage by taking her life on Aug. 28. He was not a domestic partner, but a benefactor of the goodness of Margie’s heart. That man is now in custody with a $500,000 bond.

So many from the community have commented on such a great loss of such a kind and giving person. Christy Reed Arguijo said that she grew up next door to Margie and knew her as a sweet and caring person. Carmen De La Torre said that Margie was always there to help lead the local boy scouts.

If you would like to donate to the family to help with the unexpected funeral expenses, please download CashApp and send your donation to the handle $caekzrobles.

Margie Arguijo was preceded in death by her parents, Jesus Mendez and Sofia Mendez (Ortiz); and her siblings, Rosemary Erskin, Consuela Mendez, Guadalupe Mendez and Manuel Mendez.

She is survived by her husband, Ramon Arguijo; her children, Raymond Arguijo Jr., Jaimie Arguijo (Chris Robles) and Jesus Arguijo (Hayley Richardson); and her siblings, Jesus Jesse Mendez (Irma), Andy Mendez, Marylou Casares, Estella Aguero (Margarito) and Irene Mendez.

Visitation was held on Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2020 from 3-9 p.m. at the Grace Countryside Funeral Home in San Antonio.

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