Relatively unknown, CMSgt. Donald Bramlett served his country

This 3rd segment about the life of CMSgt. Donald Bramlett, gives more details about his inventive rice delivery development.

As we complete this rice story part of Bramlett’s life, which is just part of various special missions he was called on, we’ll then continue his story of duty to our country.

He was “extraordinarily special” and high ranking officers and other special operations personnel were aware of that. They knew he could be called on to accomplish secret, often covert, operations where our nation needed him.

His missions were most undoubtedly dangerous and he performed admirably when called on.

CMSgt. Donald Bramlett was immensely patriotic and dedicated to his country, the United States, and it was “an easy call” for him to go on any assignment where “our freedom is protected”.

Following his rice story, we’ll bring you other stories where he would fly into North Vietnam delivering propaganda leaflets, special duties riding on planes carrying nuclear weapons and flying on transport sorties into the battle zones in South Vietnam, often under enemy fire, to supply our combat troop with their needs.

Bramlett was also involved in researching methods to retrieve astronauts from the ocean during Project Mercury, and flew supply missions in Newfoundland, Greenland and has flown and landed at the actual north pole location.


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