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I’ve always lived in this town. I like it. I’m not someone who would rather live in the city. I need grass and trees and dirt. The best thing that comes from living in a small town your entire life is friends.

Two of my best friends, Roxanne and Stephanie,  also grew up here and continue to live here to this day. And this weekend we went to the wedding of Stephanie. The last of us to get married, but well worth the wait. LOL

We grew up in the same neighborhood, only blocks away at any given time. I remember riding my bike to Steph’s and then to Well’s convenience store to buy pickles and candy. Roxanne lived just down the street when we were in elementary and my sister and I used to walk over there to play.

And while they were in the marching band and I was in powerlifting, we’ve stayed close. What is truly great about friends is that it could be months since we’ve talked, just being busy in our lives, and it’s like we’ve never skipped a beat. Stories still flow all at once and while we might need a review, we never tire of being there for each other.

Now as adults with families it has gotten even better. Between the three of us we have eight and half kids (Steph’s expecting their fourth). Stephanie and her husband, Heath, have Dylan (10 yrs), Claudia (8yrs) and Joaquin (3yrs). Roxanne and Gilbert have Mason (3yrs) and Gilianne (1yr). Of course, my husband and I have Gavin (10yrs), Razalyn (3yrs) and Augie (18 mos). This makes birthday parties and Christmas that much more fun. We try to plan at least one getaway per summer and hopefully a few day trips throughout the year.

There are plenty of pictures over the years of the three of us. We’ve been through a lot together. These two women are very important in my life. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried and while I can’t seem to remember any time in particular, I’m sure we argued at some point. Then again maybe not. Straight shooters, these women are. We have a very comfortable way of being straight forward with each other, a quality I feel is necessary in a girlfriend.

As we get older I realize that they are a part of my life. They are my number one fans and I theirs. Getting older doesn’t mean getting rid of our childish ways. It means getting together to do them and to remember the childish times we have had together. There’s nothing better than picking up the phone and calling on one of these women.

My husband is my heart. My children, my soul. They are my backbone.

Stephanie, Jessica and Roxanne preggos in 2008.

Stephanie, Jessica and Roxanne preggos in 2008.

Heath, Joaquin, Joseph, Razalyn, Gilbert and Mason 2009.

Heath, Joaquin, Joseph, Razalyn, Gilbert and Mason 2009.



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