Red Ribbon Week Parade on October 3

The staff and students at Pleasanton Elementary School will hold their annual Red Ribbon Week Parade on Thursday morning, Oct. 3. The event was moved up due to state testing.

Pleasanton Police Chief Ronald Sanchez explained that Red Ribbon Week was created in honor of U.S. Drug Enforcement Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena, who was killed in the line of duty. To show their support for the war against drugs, residents in Calexico, California (Camarena’s hometown) wore red ribbons after his death.

Pleasanton Police Officers will join Pleasanton students in the parade, which will be about 45 minutes.

“Johnny Huizar and the city have always helped with barricades. The children love it and it is a good opportunity for them to meet their local policemen,” said Chief Sanchez.

Other Red Ribbon Week activities and themes for Sept. 30-Oct. 4, at Pleasanton Elementary School are:

•Monday: Eagle (Duck) Dynasty! Dress up in your favorite camo to celebrate hiding out from drugs! (Don’t forget your Si Beard)

•Tuesday: Dress up in neon! Wear all shades of as many of your brightest colors head to toe to say, “We are too colorful for drugs!”

•Wednesday: “Shine off Drugs!” Wear hats of all kinds and sunglasses- cool or crazy.

•Thursday: Wear red to stand against drugs for the Red Ribbon Week Parade.

•Friday: Show your Homecoming spirit! Wear your best shades of eagle green with lots of spirit accessories.

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