Reality Bites



Snooki, The Donald, Housewives, Kardashians. I’m sure you recognize at least one of the names or associations. Whether you watch them or not you’ve heard about and seen them online or on magazines, previews, even national news.

I am not without my guilty pleasures of the Reality TV world. I like to watch Big Brother in the summer and am currently watching Celebrity Apprentice (granted this is mainly because of my possibly unhealthy obsession with Lou Ferrigno which I’ve had since I was a child).

My point though is that a lot of these “reality” shows don’t carry much substance. I have only watched one episode of Jersey Shore and I did laugh at the sheer hilariousness that is most young drunk people, but I never watched it again. I think I watched the first season of The Bachelor. Now they have to be on their bazillionth season of the same regurgitated plot. One girl is a brat (and that’s me being nice), one’s a sweet girl next door and the rest you don’t even remember their names half way through the season. The guy is some supposed catch and yet he has a problem finding a woman to marry him on his own???? I think there has only been one successful match up on this show, but I may be wrong.

It appears that human nature kicks in. If we can be a fly on the wall in the life of another, we will. I can’t blame the spectacle that it is. Everyone likes to see other people’s drama as long as it doesn’t cross over into their own. It’s the way we’re built. Like having to stare at the car wreck as a kid. We just have to know for some odd reason.

Maybe this is my mother brain taking over, but (steps on soap box) what happened to the days of ABC’s TGIF? Or any other station for that matter? I used to watch that every Friday night. Sometimes with my parents sometimes without.

We always loved The Cosby Show. I will still watch reruns of this. There were plenty of shows that were funny and a little more realistic than “reality shows”. Home Improvement is a show that I’ve been looking to buy on DVD. I think my kids would like it. It sends a more positive message.

Do I think some of the reality shows are hilarious? YES! But, my point is television may have lost its spark. I grew up in the TV generation where most evenings were spent in front of the television and Saturday mornings were completely packed with cartoons. I can’t believe that there  are only a few cartoons on during the weekend. I suppose satellite/cable has taken up the slack, but I’ll let you in on a little secret. Not all people have satellite/cable!!

There are a few shows that are making a comeback for sitcoms. We like to watch Modern Family and The Middle. These are shows that my kids love to watch. It’s a family night. We have dinner and watch the shows together. I love to hear my 11 year old crack up at the characters and the one-liners. Good fun. Good belly laughs with good messages. (Steps off soap box.)

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