Ramirez shares platform at Democratic meeting

During the monthly meeting of the Atascosa County Democratic Pary, Freddy Ramirez, candidate for Senate District 19, presented his campaign platform. Ramirez is a prosecuting attorney in Bexar County after earning his law degree at St. Mary’s University. He also has a science degree with emphasis on cell and molecular biology. His platform rests on three points: children, families and social issues. Ramirez’ proposals include paid parental leave (for newborns and for sick children), expanding Medicare in the state, more regulations on nursing and housing to protect seniors and vets.

Members in attendance found Ramirez to be approachable and genuine.

Tina Elkins also addressed the group about public speaking. She emphasized connecting with the audience through sharing personal experiences and talking about why you are choosing to run for office.

Julie Hilberg, Democratic Party Chair, congratulated the group on the fact that the county has increased its voter registration from 2018 by 13%, furthering Democratic efforts in the state to make each voice heard.

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