Ramirez brothers found

Rosie Hernandez is “very happy” to have found her two sons, Jose Angel Ramirez, 21, and Robert Ramirez, 19, alive and well in San Antonio on Wednesday, January 22, 2014.

“It’s a relief that we found them,” said Rosie in an interview. Angel and Robert went missing on January 19, and Rosie filed a missing persons report on Thursday January 23 to the Jourdanton Police Department. Rosie said that many people called her early on Wednesday, January 29, reporting they had seen the boys at various locations in Atascosa County and in San Antonio. On Tuesday, January 28, Officer Wade Middleton of Jourdanton PD called Rosie saying that San Antonio Police Department had encountered the two young men in San Antonio two days before she reported them missing. Rosie said that Officer Middleton “went to work on it right away,” and the next day around 1 p.m. supplied her with the address where SAPD had seen her sons. Rosie says she went straight after work to the location and found them there.

Rosie says their reason for disappearing was a family dispute.

Rosie would like to thank Pearl, Greg Cisnero’s mother for her help with the search for her sons. She says she will “keep them in her prayers” and “please I ask everyone out there to do the same. Don’t stop praying for Greg and never give up until we find him.”

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