Rally for Library project

This is a letter to the citizens of Pleasanton to invite them to join us on Saturday, December 17, 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Pleasanton City Hall to make their voices heard by signing a petition to request City Council to let the citizens of Pleasanton make the decision about the Library and Community Center Project.

The beautiful design the architect created just for Pleasanton (there will be no other building with the same design) is in danger of being scrapped due to the actions of four City Council members. It appears the only way to prevent them from throwing away this beautiful building that would so very much enhance our city and downtown area is to bring the decision to you, the voting residents of Pleasanton. You make the decision by your vote.

Our Library and Community Center will have people saying, “Have you seen what the City of Pleasanton has done? Wow, what an improvement and how beautiful the new library and that community center are.” It’s what Pleasanton needs—some beautification, some city pride. Can’t you just see a future plaza (after the renovations for the library and community center are done) that could reflect our Hispanic heritage? In my mind I see the beautiful plazas of Saltillo, Monterrey and even Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, all of which I have had the pleasure of visiting and strolling, as inspiration for our plaza. Yes, it will re- quire closing a small section of Main Street right in front of the new Library and Community Center, but that is inconsequential compared to how it will impact the beauty of our city and build our downtown up for the future.

You can help make it happen. Come by the plaza on Saturday, December 17, and sign a petition to bring the decision to the citizens of Pleasanton.


Patsy Troell


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