Railroad Commissioner Sitton Delivers Address to Young Professionals in Energy

“The caliber of young professionals entering the industry is astounding,” Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton said. “As a regulator of oil and gas, I’m looking forward to working with men and women who will lead Texas toward a position of global energy leadership.”

Recently, Sitton spoke to Austin’s Young Professionals in Energy for their Lunch and Learn Series. Sitton discussed what the new wave of energy professionals should know, the energy race and the Railroad Commission’s role.

Elected to the Railroad Commission in 2014, Ryan Sitton is one of the world’s leading energy experts and the first engineer to serve on the Commission in 50 years. As Railroad Commissioner, Ryan is working to make the Commission more efficient and effective so Texas can lead America to energy independence.


Leon Zabava is the Oil and Gas Editor for the Pleasanton Express. He can be reached at 830.281.2341 or lzabava@pleasantonexpress.com.



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