Railroad Commission of Texas releases monthly oil and gas statistics



The Railroad Commission of Texas released monthly oil and gas statistics on June 28, 2013.

In this release, the RRC is able to bring up figures for May permits to drill. Information gathered takes a while and data for the month of June will be compiled and released in their end-ofmonth report towards the end of July.

The Commission issued a total of 1,931 original drilling permits in May, 2013 compared to 2,530 in May, 2012. The May total included 1,727 permits to drill new oil and gas wells, 33 to re-enter existing well bores and 171 for recompletions. Permits issued in May, 2013 included 582 oil, 123 gas, 1,145 oil and gas, 67 injection, four service and 10 other permits.

Preliminary Texas crude oil production for April, 2013 averaged 1,607,390 barrels daily, up from the 1,197,978 barrels daily average of April, 2012.

The preliminary Texas crude oil production figure for April, 2013 is 48,221,702 barrels, up from 35,939,326 barrels reported during April, 2012.

For May oil and gas completions, operators reported 2,395 oil, 521 gas, 62 injection and 10 other completions compared to 887 oil, 336 gas, 32 injection and one other completion in May, 2012. Total well completions for 2013 year to date are 10,437, up from 6,246 recorded during the same period in 2012.

Operators reported 131 holes plugged and zero dry holes in May 2013 compared to 1,122 holes plugged and one dry hole in May, 2012.

Texas oil and gas wells produced 536,662,626 Mcf (thousand cubic feet) of gas based upon preliminary production figures for April, 2013, up from the April, 2012 preliminary gas production total of 505,775,608 mcf. Texas preliminary April total gas production averaged 17,955,420 Mcf a day.

Texas production in April, 2013 came from 143,552 oil wells and 88,205 gas wells.

May report – San Antonio area, Railroad Commission District 1, had 347 permits to drill oil/gas holes, 278 oil completions and 117 gas completions.

For the month of April, Texas’ top ten oil producing counties, ranked by preliminary production figures, lists four counties in the Eagle Ford Shale as the state’s top producers.

Karnes County was the biggest producer in the state, showing 3,820,561 barrels of oil (BBLS). Coming in second is Gonzales County with 2,635,422 BBLS, third was La Salle County with 2,507,777 BBLS and De Witt was in fourth with 2,266,256 BBLS.

For comparison, Permian Basin’s top oil producer was Midland County with 1,746,944 BBLS, coming in tenth best in Texas.

For the month of April, Eagle Ford Shale gas producer, De Witt County, came in tenth best in Texas with 12,324,772 MCF (thousand cubic feet). Coming in first was Tarrant County, producing 56,759,264 MCF. Tarrant County is in the Barnett Shale with Fort Worth being that county’s largest city.

• RRC Production Statistics and Allowables for July, 2013

Average rig count in Texas on June 14 was 837, representing about 49 percent of all active land rigs in the United States. For the last twelve months, total Texas production was 583 million barrels of oil and 7.4 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

Commission’s estimated final production for April, 2013 is 57,335,604 barrels of crude oil and 505,142,904 MCF (thousand cubic feet) of gas well gas.

The RRC derives final production numbers by multiplying the preliminary April, 2013 production totals of 48,221,702 barrels of crude oil and 428,377,632 MCF of gas well gas by a production adjustment factor of 1.1890 for crude oil and 1.1792 for gas well gas. (These production figures do not include casing head gas or condensate.)

Natural gas storage in Texas, reported to the Commission for May was 356,879,249 mcf compared to 395,143,999 mcf in May, 2012. The June, 2013 gas storage estimate is 371,225,633 mcf.

The Texas Railroad Commission’s Oil and Gas Division set initial July, 2013 natural gas production allowables for prorated fields in the state to meet market demand of 8,341,220 MCF. In setting the initial July, 2013 allowables, the Commission used historical production figures from previous months, producers’ demand forecasts for the coming month, and adjusted the figures based on well capacity. These initial allowables will be adjusted after actual production for July, 2013 is reported.

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Flare at a production site south of Campbellton on U.S. 281.

Flare at a production site south of Campbellton on U.S. 281.

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