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Pleasanton High School Junior/Senior Prom
Spring 1976

Boy  – how times have changed!

I really enjoyed seeing all the posts and photos this past Saturday and into Sunday of friends’ children who attended Pleasanton’s prom.

Everyone looked so gorgeous and handsome. Such sophistication they had, too!

I posted my junior year prom photo with my good friend Dickie (Alan) Weisinger on Facebook. My dress was nothing like the young ladies have these days. It was a cotton blend Gunny Sack (a verrrrry popular brand in the late 70s) type dress that I’m sure was purchased at Dillard’s or J.C. Penney.

There was no hairstyle, pedicure, manicure nor make-up artist. I wore Revlon’s China Blue Frost on my eyelids and Great Lash mascara on my lashes. Maybe a bit of gloss on my lips. My feathered bangs were held together with some Aqua Net and I was done!

My date wore a double knit leisure suit, white, with matching white shoes and belt. He also may have used some Aqua Net, too. Just kidding.

We looked quite groovy.

We also went to the prom in his vehicle. There wasn’t a limousine nor a “party” bus and we did NOT eat out at a restaurant before the prom. We most likely had ham, some type of potatoes and green beans – the normal prom/party food of the 70s.

And… get this… we had our prom at St. Andrew’s parish hall.

Our theme – since the junior class sponsored the prom for the seniors – was Starry, Starry Night.

We had a mirrored disco ball (fancy), a water feature and stars hanging everywhere. We thought it turned out nicely, but it most likely looked a bit tacky now that I think about it!.

The way I see it,  I’m not knocking how the students dress or get to the prom. I’m really a bit jealous. One of these days, I hope that I get to ride in a limo!

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