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Greg Leach, Parks and Rec. Director, gives an overview of progress on the Pleasanton River Park. NOEL WILKERSON HOLMES | PLEASANTON EXPRESS

Greg Leach, Parks and Rec. Director, gives an overview of progress on the Pleasanton River Park. NOEL WILKERSON HOLMES | PLEASANTON EXPRESS

Despite the heavy rainfall Pleasanton experienced the last couple of months, city crews at the Pleasanton River Park are making great headway in time for the soft opening of the park set for Thursday, July 4.

The highly anticipated splash pad, which is 4800 square feet and skate park which is 4850 square feet are basically complete with a few minor details being added this week. Both will officially open to the public during the soft opening on July 4.

“The splash pad needs a few things connected to it still in order for it to work properly, but otherwise is completed,” said Greg Leach, Pleasanton Parks and Rec Director. “While the skate park has been done for quite some time, it is still closed. We are building in the sidewalk behind it right now,”

The splash pad has 24 spray structures, big and small, for children of all ages to enjoy. A 13×13 pavement structure will be installed next to it for sitting purposes that will match the architecture of the restrooms and pavilion. The city is putting in 14 limestone blocks for decorative purposes but that can also be used for sitting.

“The soft opening will give us a chance to look for patterns on where the people want to sit so we’ll get an idea of where we’ll place seating,” said Greg.

As for the playground building construction crews, Project Manager Dwayne Ring of Kraftsman Play known as “The Fun Builders” stated their experience in working with the City of Pleasanton has been nothing but amazing.

“Greg’s been very responsive to us. All of his guys are always on site. It’s been real easy to get responses to all of our questions in a timely manner,” he said.

Ring said although his business does projects across Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, they prefer working with smaller communities like Pleasanton due to how much it means to the community.

“When you bring this kind of fun to the kids in a small community, something new for them, it’s amazing to see the response. A lot of kids are going to enjoy this,” he said. “It’s great to see all of the elements of the park tying in with one another that represent the city.”

The good weather this week has helped both the City and Kraftsman crew make a lot of progress. The City of Pleasanton crew worked until 8:00 p.m. Tuesday night and laid in 367 tons of asphalt.

The asphalt was laid Tuesday to form the main parking lot that will house roughly 120 parking spots with an additional 15 near the splash pad and 36 spots for overflow. On Wednesday, the remainder of the sidewalk will be completed. Already completed was the installation of 74 light poles that will turn on as soon as nighttime hits. The park previously had 12 light poles.

Stay tuned to the City of Pleasanton Parks and Recreation Facebook page for updates on the Pleasanton River Park. Make plans to come to the soft opening July 4th weekend.

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