Prepare for bugs and heat



With summer in full swing, the key factor for me to have a successful outing while fishing is to stay comfortable.

And when I mean confortable I’m talking about the heat and bugs.

There are numerous fishing spots where mosquitoes are an issue.

I always carry bug spray with me for the reason that I never want to start catching fish while being pestered by mosquitoes.

The worst thing for me while fishing is trying to fight off mosquitoes.

There is an abundance of bug repellents on the market and even homemade ones you can find online, but the important aspect is to find one that works.

Additionally, another element to remaining relaxed while fishing is to have proper attire.

If the temperature is above 90 degrees, I wear a shirt particularly made for fishing.

You can find a relatively affordable shirt at any sporting good store.

They are lightweight with a smooth feel, along with a mesh-lined back to keep you cool.

However, the most important tool for me while fishing in the heat is a hat.

Of course any hat will work, but there are many different ones to keep you cool while fishing.

If you plan on fishing for the majority of the day, especially if it’s sunny, please use sunblock.

The highest SPF is generally a safe bet to start when in the scorching sun.

There isn’t anything worse than suffering sunburn after a wonderful adventure fishing.

Another important issue while fishing is to stay hydrated.

Take an ice chest full of water, so you can beat the heat while reeling in lunkers.

Dehydration isn’t fun when you are in a remote spot fishing.

There is one more issue when fishing, take a camera.

Nobody will believe your record-breaking fish if you don’t have pictures.

Plus, you can always capture that special moment to pass along to family and friends.

So the next time you are preparing for a summer time fishing trip, remember these tips to help you fish longer and more successfully.

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