Poteet votes to keep Judge Gamez

The City of Poteet council meeting on July 6 had 15 agenda items. The Pleasanton Express reported the termination of Davidson Troilo Ream Garza PC, the appointment of a new Place 2 council member, hostile work environments filed against Mayor Denise Sanchez and the vacated City Administrator position in the July 14 issue.

In an early agenda item, the city council addressed the variances regarding the availability of a mobile home. The current ordinance does not allow for any mobile home to be moved into town if it is over 10 years old. Rosemary Perez asked for a variance to allow her to move a 1997 mobile home to Avenue I and Third Street. A gentleman with 20 years’ experience in the business testified that the home was in immaculate shape, needing no repairs or upgrades. Perez would also use gravel runners. Motion was made and passed unanimously.

There were five applicants for the Municipal Court Judge position. Council member Crystal Bautista said that she had received many comments in support for the current judge, Bill Gamez. Mayor Pro Tem Nicholas Sanchez said that he had interviewed staff and no one had any issues either. However, Flores motioned to keep current Judge Bill Gamez. N. Sanchez seconded the motion and the council voted in favor to keep Gamez.

Mayor Denise Sanchez proposed the agenda regarding possible action on the designation of signatories on the City of Poteet checking account. It was suggested to table the item and wait until there is a complete list of those who are allowed to sign. She didn’t feel that all department heads should be on it because they can see what everyone makes. Motion was made to table it until a list could be given out and passed unanimously.

Continued in new business, budget workshops were scheduled for July 27 at 5:30 p.m. and Aug. 3 at 5 p.m.

The final agenda item featured setting deadlines for future agenda items. After discussion, it was voted unanimously that the final draft of the agenda will be posted 72 hours before the meeting. This would give the secretary more time to get the necessary paperwork completed.

The next council meeting for the City of Poteet will take place on Aug. 3 at 491 Avenue H, City Hall.

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