Poteet school board hears Region 20 presentation on Texas Lesson Study



During the April 19 Poteet ISD meeting, Superintendent Charles Camarillo introduced Christina Moreno, representing Region 20, to present the Mission United Spotlight for two teachers for their work.

Carrie Brown and Maria Brown, both third grade teachers, were part of the Texas Lesson Study, which was a semester long process. The study seeks to build teachers’ capacity and expand their professional development. This is the first year the district has participated. The teachers developed the plan from scratch, did the research, formatted the plan and taped it for online access on TEA’s Texas Gateway, for others to use. The teachers, along with Principal Donisha Miller, received a paperweight for congratulations. It is a great win for the district for them to be singled out for their success and accomplishment.

Annual Audit

The current contract for the school audit is with Armstrong, Vaughan & Associates. Camarillo recommended to renew this for another year. They have to go out for bids every five years, which means they will have to do so next year. Rocky Wilson moved to approve, with Diego Puente seconding. Motion passed unanimously, with Albert Garza and Margie Martinez, also voting for the measure. Yvette Navarro and Ronnie Ambriz were not present.

District Purchases

President Jo Marie Cervantez moved on to two purchase requests. The first was for buying a tractor for the maintenance department. They received three quotes and the one from Tuttle Motor Company best served the district. The quote is for a Farmall tractor and a bucket for the amount of $31,982.

When asked if they needed other equipment additions, it was answered that later they may need a fork for the machine. Wilson moved to approve the purchase, with Martinez seconding. Motion passed unanimously.

The second purchase was for a HVAC system for the Central Cafeteria. There is a plan to replace the small units first. From the quotes received, they decided on the one with two condensing units. The purchase was approved in the amount of $30,100 from Flores Air and Heating.

Continuing Education

Board members are required to complete a certain number of hours each year, in topics such as orientation, legislative updates, evaluation of student progress, setting goals, trafficking and team building. Team building was completed in 2019, but because of COVID, they did not do it last year. The breakdown is as follows: Ambriz, 16.75 and 6.50 hours; Cervantez, 6.50 and 1 hour; Garza, 11.25 and 3.75 hours; Martinez, 17.75 and 6 hours; Navarro, 7.5 and 1 hour; Puente, 5.5 and 1 hour and Wilson, 8 and 13.25 hours.

Campus Reports

In Elementary, there have been walk-throughs and observations. A Region 20 consultant has been there for reading and math. Intervention for Pre-K is ongoing in an attempt to fill in the gaps. The Early Childhood program is being examined to make sure all is in order for the students.

Data from the interim testing/benchmarks for PIC students is used in preparation for STAAR testing. The fourth grade starts the testing on Tuesday. Results won’t be in until June.

Junior High is in the same position, with interim data being used to help students with the TEKS tests.

High School students had their STAAR testing in December. Numbers were lower, but that’s possibly from not all being in the face-to-face classrooms. The top 10 graduates were all dual credit students, with at least 12 hours. Three students went to Regional track and two band students went to state in solo performance.

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