Poteet rural citizens oppose plan to extend city’s ETJFree Access

Christelle Troell

Special Correspondent

Annexation was the main topic of conversation during a special called meeting of the Poteet City Council on January 23. The proposal was rejected by about 18 rural residents who spoke against the annexation.

City Administrator Eric Jiminez explained that cities are allowed to annex within ten percent of their Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) each year. Since Poteet has not annexed any in the last three years, the city is allowed to annex 30 percent. This would expand the city’s tax base.

He explained the process for annexation and noted the city is trying to attract businesses in order to increase the tax base.

Councilman Richard Tuttle stated he did not like the map and felt it needed to be changed. The property all belongs to farmers, he noted, and could not be developed.

Addressing the council, the rural land owners all informed the council that they had gone to great expense to bring water and all other utilities to their property and therefore did not need city resources. They questioned what the city would get out of the annexation. Some feared the annexation would result in higher taxes and questioned if all the current city residents were paying taxes.

Citizens were informed that the map could be modified. Tuttle suggested the Planning and Zoning Commission meet with citizens and develop a map. The council then agreed to table the item.

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