Poteet principals share campus newsFree Access

Diana Guthrie

Special Correspondent

School principals gave quick updates on happenings on their campuses, at the Jan. 28 Poteet school board meting.

Julie Poth, Junior High, said that they have had consultants out to observe classes and help with suggestions of best practices for the teachers. Benchmarks are in place and they are attempting to do interventions during the day, instead of after school, since there is less participation at the later time. They held their first UIL meet and seven Poteet students finished in the top five, two took first place.

Danisha Miller, from the Elementary, reported that they had a dual language consultant working one on one with teachers. They have also brought in consultants for math and ELA, to provide coaching and modeling for the teachers. They plan on using staff to work interventions with K through third grades. Currently, students are having mid-year testing. Kinder had a very successful dual language Christmas program, which hosted approximately 180 people. Two of the third grade reading teachers have been chosen to do a lesson on studying standards. They have worked with their students and will instruct other teachers how they can use their methods. A presentation will be filmed and placed on Texas Gateway on You-Tube by TEA. Intermediate

Principal Tina Gillespie said that they, too, were attempting to use the school day to offer intervention and enrichment, rather than after school. STAAR testing will begin soon and the teachers will get together to evaluate the effectiveness of their programs and what they want to bring back and use again. Nueces River Authority will be on campus for two days to instruct fifth grade science about water, erosion and the environment. They come every year to do presentations to the students.

Gillespie added that she has been getting phone calls from new Waco principals, asking for her advice on how to close the gaps in instruction, since her campus was recognized as one of the top 25 to do so. She says there is no magic, just have good teams of teachers, see what they are doing, what is working, what is not and tweak any places that need it.

Coach Darby House reported that the boys’ basketball team is in a three-way tie for fourth place this season. Another two games are remaining. Other games are continuing for the girls’ basketball, and Junior High girl’s and boy’s teams. Softball started two weeks ago and they are beginning baseball, tennis and golf very soon. They have changed the schedule for the weight lifting, where the boys train at eighth period and the girls train during fifth period: that way, hopefully there will not be any distractions among the teams.

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