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Genovevo Medrano Ramirez of Poteet was charged with animal cruelty after abandoning this small brown dog on Red Barn Road in Poteet on March 16.

Atascosa County Animal Control has arrested one man after he tried to allegedly dump a dog on Red Barn Road in Poteet last Tuesday night.

An alert resident watched from his home as a truck slowly drove down Red Barn Road in the late hours of March 16. The resident saw the vehicle briefly stop and then suddenly take off. Upon investigation, he saw a small brown dog running down the middle of the road. After attempting to pick up the dog, the resident decided the best thing to do was to follow the vehicle and call the police.

Atascosa County Sheriff’s Deputy JD Ruiz was patrolling nearby and, with the help of Poteet Police Department, was able to stop the vehicle in Poteet. Atascosa County Animal Control (ACAC) Chief Henry Dominguez was dispatched to take over the investigation with the help of ACAC Investigator Roland Jimenez.

“Our investigation determined that the dog had been in the vehicle prior to being dumped on the side of the road,” said Chief Dominguez. “The dog was picked up and is now safely in [our] possession at the Atascosa County Animal Control.”

Arrested and charged with a Class a Misdemeanor of Animal Cruelty was Genovevo Medrano Ramirez of Poteet.

“We want people to know that abandoning a dog on the side of the road is a crime and, if caught, you will be arrested,” said Chief Dominguez. “Thanks to the alert resident who helped saved this poor dog and for helping bring justice to those that abuse these poor, speechless pets.”

If you witness anyone dumping dogs in Atascosa County, please call the Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office at 830-769-3434.

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