Poteet ISD Science Fair winners

Poteet ISD Science Fair winners POTEET ISD | COURTESY PHOTO

Poteet ISD Science Fair winners POTEET ISD | COURTESY PHOTO

Congratulations to all the participants of the Poteet ISD Science Fair. What a great turn out and great projects.

Overall District Winners:

1st place: Rhys Buck, 3rd Grade — “Attack of the Killer Cabbages”

2nd place: Natalie Ancira, 8th Grade — “Bacteria in a Toothbrush”

3rd place: Loralei Whitaker, 5th Grade — “Cartesian Diver”

3rd Grade:

1st place: Rhys Buck, “Attack of the Killer Cabbages”

2nd place: Ray Mendoza, “Salt Crystals Experiment”

3rd place: Justice Flores, “Volcano Eruption”

4th Grade:

1st place: Roman Oropeza, “What Soil is Best for Purple Hull Growth?”

2nd place: Kaeley Delaney, “Bouncy Egg”

3rd place: Michael Uribe, “Is that Mac Worth Your Cheese?”

5th Grade:

1st place: Loralei Whitaker, “Cartesian Diver”

2nd place: Chris Tellez, “Testing Water Levels”

3rd place: Fulgencio Rodriguez, “Rethink your Think”

6th Grade:

1st place: Austin Razavi, “That’s Nuts”

2nd place: Gavin Orta, “Why Can’t We Be Friends?”

3rd place: Nathaniel Dominguez, “Do Gases Weigh the Same?”

7th Grade:

1st place: James Alba, “Which Grows Faster?”

2nd place: Brady Stevens and Juan Padilla, “How Does Tea Affect Plant Growth?”

3rd place: Brianna Garcia, “Effective Vs. Economical Paper Towels”

8th Grade:

1st place: Natalie Ancira, “Bacteria in a Toothbrush”

2nd place: Tyler Rader, “Kool Aid Hair Dye”

3rd place: Marcos Natal, “Sweet Effects”

High School:

1st place: Aidan Denson, “Fire Proof Putty”

2nd place: Tahis Isabella, “Gummy Bears”

3rd place: D’Andra Calhoun and Viviana Gonzalez, “Foods and Moods”

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