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Groundbreaking ceremony Thursday with announcement of Poteet ISD subdivision naming contest

Mayor Willie Leal, Jr, along with the City Council of the City of Poteet, Texas are proud to announce today the ground-breaking ceremony of a new 381 home community in Poteet, Texas on Thursday, November 5, 2020 at 10 AM. “Poteet is a family-friendly bedroom community to San Antonio,” said Mayor Leal. “We’ve been through the normal ups and downs as a community and now we’re aimed towards the heavens. The planned development of this many homes directly across the street from our elementary, middle and high schools is in a word: ‘exciting’.”

Developers Bobby Girling, Renee Girling and Jay Parker will be announcing a naming contest for the community at the ground-breaking ceremony. Parker, who has developed commercial and residential properties in the San Antonio area for over 35 years said, “We spoke with Mayor Leal, City Administrator and Staff, and Poteet ISD Superintendent Charles Camarillo about our desire to make a difference in the town of Poteet and they were all very welcoming and enthusiastic,” Parker stated.

The project which has a working title of Poteet Grows can be found at PoteetGrows.com. It has 381 homesites on 183 acres of land located between Strawberry City Road and School Drive on the east side of Ninth Street. It is located directly across from the Poteet ISD school complex which includes one elementary school, one intermediate school, one Junior High School and Poteet High School, home of the Fightin’ Aggies.

The ground-breaking ceremony will include the announcement of the contest for all children in all Poteet ISD schools to come up with a name for the subdivision. “This is great for our kids given everything else going on in the world today,” said Superintendent Camarillo. “We’re including every kid from K-12 to the event to cheer it on. We’re very proud of our community, our teachers, administrators and of course all of our students. Developer Renee Girling added, “It’s going to be exciting to see what the winning name will be! I like it because it’s a contest a first grader may come up with a winning name just as easily as 12th grader.”

Poteet ISD is managing the contest entries with the deadline for entries concluding on Friday, November 20th. The winner will be announced after the Thanksgiving holiday break. The developers will be donating $1000 to Poteet ISD in the name of each of the runner up schools and $4000 on behalf of the winning school. “We are proud to be the first developer to invest in the future of Poteet, Texas,” Mr. Parker said. “We couldn’t be more excited about this unique way for the residents of Poteet to contribute to the town’s growth and progress!” Jay Parker concluded.


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