Poteet Elementary spreads kindness

Poteet Elementary Student Council reminds everyone that kindness matters!

Poteet Elementary Student Council reminds everyone that kindness matters!

Poteet Elementary has worked to create a culture of kindness within their halls for their staff, students, parents and the entire Poteet community. January 28 through February

1 was “The Great Kindness Challenge” and PES joined over 20,000 schools around the world in the challenge.

“Our district theme this year is Mission United,” said PES Principal Donisha Miller. “We took it to a personal level and added our special touch of Kids United: Mission Kindness. Our goal is to teach our students, at their young age, what kindness means and understand how acts of kindness can make a difference in their classrooms, homes, the city, state and to the world.”

The initiative of the challenge is to encourage students and staff to perform random acts of kindness everywhere they go.

Last week, students and staff of Poteet Elementary celebrated Kindness Spirit Week with different theme days including Super Hero Day, Dress Like a Hippie, Rock Star Day, Crazy Hair Day and Aggie Kindness Day.



On Thursday, Jan. 31, the students and staff took part in a Kindness Spirit Parade where they marched the halls of their school sporting their crazy hairstyles and backward clothes. Students held up signs that said “Sprinkle Kindness Like Confetti”, “Be Kind, Never Give Up” and “Kindness Matters.” They also chanted various sayings such as “kindness is cool.”

“I am a firm believer in being respectful, kind, and positive. Our staff and students work hard every single day and I want to create an environment where they are excited to come, where they feel welcomed and are encouraged to be a positive influence in other people’s lives,” said Principal Miller.

Her hope is for her students to make a life long impact in their lives and to carry these lessons on as they grow older. “Our goal is cultivate positive, kind and compassionate people that will make their own difference in this world. I also hope that the more we educate them on the right choices and how we should treat others, we will create a culture at Poteet Elementary that exemplifies kindness.”

Principal Miller’s teachers say they feel they are instilling valuable lessons in their students every day. Participating in Kindness Week and the Kindness Challenge helps illuminate the significance of character traits and how to demonstrate and apply them to everyday situations.

“Social skills are a foundation in being productive citizens in this world. It is our job to teach and model for our students what it takes to be kind,” said Principal Miller. “We feel it’s important to remind ourselves and our students of the effects our words and actions have on others. We help our students stay focused on being positive Bucket Fillers. Even the smallest actions can radiate joy and kindness to others.”

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