Poteet council sees need for animal control facility

The Poteet City Council recognizes the need for an animal control facility in their town and has decided to form a committee to come up with a proposed location and capacity. There was some discussion of allowing a third party to come in and handle the rescue efforts for the city, but the City Attorney cautioned that he would need more information on the party before advising signing any agreement.

Council also voted to not approve the budget for the Atascosa County Appraisal District; the main point of contention was the increased salary for the Chief Appraiser, which to them, seemed out of proportion to the raises allowed to the other employees. Denise Sanchez moved to disapprove the budget, Vanessa Saylor seconded. Those voting were Sonny Estrada, Valerie Reyes, Greg Groesbeck and Mayor Larry Cantu.

An item from the last meeting was brought before the Council again. The ordinance to establish a no-parking zone along Highway 16 between School Drive and CR 282 was presented for their consideration. TxDOT needs a signed ordinance to put up signs along the highway. The main concern was how this would affect the businesses in this area. The motion passed, however, with three yeas and two abstentions.

Council approved the ordinance for delinquent tax collection, which was another item held over from last month. This allows the state penalty rate of 15% to be added to delinquent accounts, in order to help defray part of the legal costs involved in collection.

Acceptance of the $3,095,000 grant/loan from USDA was passed unanimously. Council also unanimously approved the City’s proposed annual budget. Workshop dates are scheduled for August 7 and August 11.

An ordinance for the Master Utility Rate was passed, as well. Because of the grant/loan from USDA, the rates for water and sewer have to be at a level that will allow for the payment of the loan. This repeals all other ordinances for sewer and water rates that are currently on the books.

Staff reports included that of the Police Department and the Library. The Police Chief noted that there were 18 arrests during the month of July; seven public intoxications; three firearm; two family violence assaults, 91 new cases and four shots fired. Police answered 158 service calls for the month. Gloria Solis, Librarian, said they had 1,001 visits to the library during the month of July and she has worked alone for the past two weeks. Fees and fines collected for the month totaled $412. With the help of volunteers, the Library held a 75th birthday party for Batman, with refreshments and prizes. Dinosaur George was scheduled for Thursday, as a joint presentation of all Atascosa County libraries.

Meeting adjourned at 7:06 p.m. .

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