Poteet council moves forward to hire new city administrator



During a short special meeting of the Poteet City Council on Aug. 24, Rosa De La Fuente was appointed as Associate Judge. Bill Gamez, who serves as the Municipal Judge, has been ill and court has had to be cancelled. Council member Candace Cantu moved to appoint De La Fuente and council member Jeremy Fernandez seconded. Council members Rick Flores, Sr. and Crystal Bautista also voted in favor.

Following their special meeting, the council followed up with their regularly scheduled meeting Sept. 7 at Poteet City Hall.

Item A Under Old Business discussed receiving and accepting the 2019- 2020 Fiscal Year Audit, for year ending Sept. 30, 2020. Accountant Andrea Faz presented the numbers to the council. Council member Nick Cantu motioned to accept the audit, followed by a second from council member Crystal Bautista. The motion was passed after all council members voted in favor except council member Candace Cantu.

Agenda Item B discussed repealing the ordinances regulating “junk vehicles” as public nuisances and rewriting a “junk vehicle” ordinance. Cantu motioned to repeal and revisit the ordinances adding that the ordinance hasn’t been enforced equally. She stated that there’s been targeting going on. After council member Jeremy Fernandez seconded, the motion passed 3-2. Council members Nick Sanchez and Rick T. Flores Sr. voted against.

New Business, Agenda Item B discussed renewing the Interlocal Transportation Agreement with Atascosa County. Director of Transportation Sean Scott presented the costs and access available to the council. With the transportation service, Poteet residents can travel to San Antonio for $8. The council voted unanimously in favor to pass the agenda item.

After a motion by N. Sanchez, the council followed up with another unanimous vote to pass agenda item C. The item discussed entering into an agreement with AED123, LLC for the provision of Automated External Defibrillators. The motion was passed for a three-year agreement.

Agenda Item D regarded adopting the policies to allow for mental health leave for peace officers and provide that certain quarantine shall be paid leave for peace officers. N. Sanchez motioned to adopt, seconded by Bautista. The council unanimously voted for the motion. After a long discussion regarding the interview and hiring process of a new City Administrator, the council came to an agreement. Bautista motioned to make a list of the top three candidates out of the 11 that applied. The motion further stated that they will email the salaries to each candidate and set up interviews beginning on Sept. 15.

Due to the workload, Mayor Denise Sanchez added Agenda Item I which addressed having two regular monthly city council meetings. She recommended this new schedule to continue for the rest of the year. N. Sanchez motioned to continue having a meeting on the first Tuesday and third Wednesday of every month until the end of the year. The meetings will follow the regularly scheduled time of 6:30 p.m.

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