Poteet Community Grange wants bank window open

After many requests and over six months of disappointing results, the Poteet Community Grange is urging Wells Fargo Bank-Poteet Texas to re-open the drivethrough window. It has been closed for over six months leaving the customers no service at the window. After talking to officials from the east coast to the west coast about the situation, directives were sent back to San Antonio service office. According to the San Antonio and Poteet bank leaders, the main reason for the window to close was because the bank wants to get to know its customers better so they want them to come inside to talk to the tellers. The Poteet Grange does not agree with that reasoning and also the bank is closed on Saturdays and as a result, some customers have closed their accounts and moved to another bank in the county. Also, the reasoning the bank wants to get to know their customers better is not valid, the Pleasanton bank drive- up window still remains open along with other Wells Fargo banks and other very very small town banks. What does Wells Fargo really do for Poteet? Do they serve the community or does the community serve them? With Wells Fargo being the only bank in town, citizens need to be treated with dignity in every manner including the amenities other communities enjoy at their banks.

Reasons why Wells Fargo-Poteet needs a drive -through window: 1. Convenience 2. Elderly or disabled who cannot walk. 3. Last minute decision to do bank business. 4. Not dressed appropriately to go into bank. 5. Have children or elderly in car. 6. Sick, but have to do bank business. You as a citizen and/or customer can make a difference in re-opening the drive- through window. Call Wells Fargo district manager Mr. Robert Ortiz at 210-856—5250 and tell him why the window should be re-opened and if you wish, call the Poteet Grange at 742-8086 and tell the Grange the results. Working together, the Poteet Community Grange and you can make a difference!

Richard Franklin
Poteet Grange Member

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