Poteet City Admin Davis’ stay tabled



During their city council meeting on Dec. 7, the City of Poteet discussed deliberation of employment, evaluation, reassignment of duties or dismissal of their city administrator, Kim Davis. Mayor Denise Sanchez added the item to the agenda. Before hiring Davis, the City of Poteet went months without a full-time city administrator. Davis was hired by the council seven weeks ago.

The council was entering executive session, but Davis exercised her right to have the agenda item in an open session. Davis thanked the council for the opportunity and listed out the accomplishments during her employment as the city administrator including completing the budget. Davis also added that Mayor Sanchez said she wasn’t working fast enough on her second day of employment.

The meeting became quite contentious with the mayor and council speaking over each other. The audience cheered, jeered and called out comments such as The Robert’s Rules of Order. Pleasanton Express streamed the meeting on Facebook which was watched by 450 viewers live. Comments were flowing fast with much support given to City Administrator Kim Davis.

Council member Rick Flores Sr. motioned to dismiss the agenda item regarding Davis. Council member Nicholas Sanchez seconded it. Council members Candace Cantu and Crystal Bautista voted against, forcing a tie. Mayor Sanchez voted against. Council member Jeremy Fernandez wasn’t in attendance.

After a long discussion, Bautista motioned to table the item until Jan. 3 followed by a second from Cantu. All council members voted in favor to table the item. This is a developing story. The Pleasanton Express will continue to report on this story. Look for breaking news at www.pleasantonexpress.com.

The live stream meeting is pinned to the top of the Pleasanton Express Facebook page.

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