Pleasanton vs. Jourdanton Blood Drive Battle

Local Rotarians Rusty Garvin and Michele Higginbotham invite the community to join them in a little friendly competition, all for a great cause! The two are challenging the public to take part in the Blood Drive Battle, between the Jourdanton Rotary Club/Jourdanton Chamber of Commerce vs. the Pleasanton Rotary Club.

The town who gets the most pints of blood donated will be declared the winner.

The Pleasanton Rotary Club blood drive is set for Thursday, Dec. 12 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Pleasanton Civic Center, 115 N. Main St. in Pleasanton. The Jourdanton Rotary Club/ Jourdanton Chamber of Commerce blood drive will follow on Tuesday, Dec. 17, from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Jourdanton Community Center/Library, 1101 Campbell Ave.

“Eagles soar. Indians snore,” said Pleasanton Rotarian Rusty Garvin. “Pleasanton Rotary Club will get more blood donors through the door!”

Michele Higginbotham, Jourdanton Rotary Club president and Jourdanton Chamber of Commerce Director said, “Jourdanton just has more Class, Pride and Heart! We may be small, but we give big. Although both towns are out for blood (pun intended), we hope our community comes out on Dec. 17 to show we bleed Proud Jourdanton Red!”

Donors at both events will receive a free H-E-B gift card. All presenting donors at both events, whether you end up being able to donate or not, will be entered into a prize drawing.

The idea came about after Higginbotham had gone to a blood drive in June, sponsored by the Pleasanton Rotary Club. She spoke with Dan Cavazos of the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center. She knew it was something the Jourdanton Rotary Club should have as well.

She later gave at a blood drive at the Atascosa County Sheriff’s Department and that is when the idea developed more.

“It’s ultimately for the greater good,” said Higginbotham.

She asked Cavazos what time of the year donors are needed the most. He responded December is a critical time, as they see less donors. Also, many people schedule elective surgeries at the end of the year to meet their deductible and co-payments.

Jourdanton Rotary Club planned for an upcoming blood drive and Higginbotham thought it would be neat if Pleasanton had one as well, even though they held one in the summer.

Rusty took it to the Pleasanton club and they agreed to the challenge.

“We each have a goal of 50 blood donors each,” said Garvin. “The ultimate challenge is to see who can get there and get more. As Michele said, the greater good is for the benefit of the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center and those patients that need the blood.”

Each club is being allowed to use the facilities for the event, the Pleasanton Civic Center and Jourdanton Library, without charge.

Garvin and Higginbotham have reached out to the high school art classes and asked them to design a traveling award for the winner.

Higginbotham would like to see an award depicting an Eagle and Indian shaking hands, but also giving each other that rivalry look. As an example she thought of a design featuring a drop of blood coming down and filling up a heart.

“It’s a good-hearted challenge, but on the flip side, it’s building those relations between the communities as well, because I will tell you, there was some bad blood back in the day. There are some that still hold on to that, and we don’t really need that,” Higginbotham said.

After the art departments submit designs, a panel of judges could choose the winner.

They would like for the clubs to come together some place after the blood drives are held, for some social time.

Higginbotham has served in the Jourdanton Rotary since 2011. Garvin, originally from Midland, has served with various Rotary Clubs since 1995.

For questions on the Pleasanton event, contact Rusty Garvin at 830-569- 5561. For questions on the Jourdanton event, contact Michele Higginbotham at 830-769-2172.

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