Pleasanton VFW Post 12162 officially installed

New VFW Post 12162 was formed in Pleasanton on Monday, September 11, at the Pleasanton Civic Center. Texas State Commander Edward C. Torres is announcing Pleasanton’s Senior Vice Commander/Post Adjutant Stephanie Pino and Commander Steve Mueller.


On September 11, 2017, the Pleasanton VFW Post 12162 was officially installed by the Texas State VFW Commander Eddie Torres.

Several VFW State, District and Post officers were in attendance for the event. Pleasanton City Councilwoman Diana K. Prasifka and Atascosa County Commissioner Precinct 1, Lon Gillespie were also in attendance.

The future Pleasanton VFW Post 12162 Auxiliary, led by Loralie Fonteno provided refreshments for the guests. The Pleasanton JROTC Eagle Battalion Honor Guard presented the colors as the VFW State Chief of Staff Larry Sanders introduced the distinguished visitors, guests and officers. VFW State Commander Eddie Torres presided over the installation ceremonies and swore in the newly elected Pleasanton VFW Post officers and members.

VFW Post formation is a rare event, with only a few charted over the last few years nationally, however, there has been an influx in Texas. Out of the last five newly charted VFW Posts, three have been in Texas.  Pleasanton VFW Post 12162 is the newest post in the nation and promises to be more technologically adapted to the changing needs of today’s returning combat veterans, offering the flexibility to attend monthly general meeting virtually using a computer or i-Phone and addressing unique needs of the desert veteran.

The Pleasanton Post is also configured to assist the family unit, instead of the veteran as a single person.

The Post officers, Senior Vice Commander Stephanie Pino, Junior Vice Commander Seth Setterberg and Post Quartermaster Alex Kight are the cream of the crop of what the VFW has to offer, hand selected by Post Commander Steve Mueller and elected by Post members. In addition to Commander Mueller being the newly elected Post commander, he also serves as a state officer with the Texas VFW and was selected chairman of the Future Concepts Committee.

The hope of the newly formed VFW chapter is to bring new experiences, knowledge, and ambition to the VFW so that veterans will be seen as a thriving supporting force.

If anyone is interested or even transferring to the new Pleasanton VFW or its soon to be Chartered Auxillary please email

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