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Pleasanton Teenager of the Year, Mackenzie Pilgrim

Our Teenager of the Year is enthusiastic about community service, has shown dedication and commitment to education, excellence in school pride, exemplary leadership abilities and strong academic achievements.  But beyond all the achievements an impressive trait that she consistently demonstrates is that she is a friend to all – teens, teachers, administrators, parents, pastors and to co-workers. She leads her life with a caring nature and a commitment to service. She has said, “I’m proud to say I’m a small-town girl with big ideas that one day I can bring to light.”

This Teenager of the Year has a resume filled with hundreds of hours of volunteer work. Her teen leadership is evident everywhere she goes. She is a giver, a helper, a doer and a friend to all. She is engaged in the community through school, volunteer work, church activities and jobs to help her earn money. She is an emerging future leader of this world who has undertaken roles and responsibilities through volunteering and engagement that have improved our local community.  While her achievements at all levels are grand and impressive, the way that she meets and interacts with people while being a teenager is incredible and awesome to behold. Conversations and interactions with her are memorable and remarkable.

Her academic achievements as a Senior at Pleasanton High School include 4.0 GPA, graduating in top 8% of the class, AP, Pre-AP and Dual Credit courses, graduating with Principle Honors, and distinguished award from the PISD Foundation High School Program.

Some of her accomplishments include Acceptance into the University of Texas at Austin for fall 2020. Second place in the highly competitive and prestigious Business Professionals of America –Regionals her Senior year and 1st place State during her Junior Year for Small Business Management Team.  She has accrued over 260 hours of volunteer work and service within Atascosa County.  Our nominee developed an early literacy initiative project, further implemented into multi-campus programs to aid children in learning to read.  She was the first student in the history of Pleasanton High School to ever double nationally qualify in Business Professionals of America within a single school year.

While putting in extensive hours volunteering and with school and church activities, our nominee also has acquired work experience that helped prepare her for her University major in communications while earning money. She worked three to four jobs including as the Pleasanton Express’ Rock Star Intern.

Our Teenager of the Year said that she has learned a lot through life experiences and finds great joy in helping others. She said that sometimes you never know what others are truly going through and saying a kind word or lending a helping hand could mean the world to someone in need. There are many deserving teens in our city but for this year, the choice that is right is for Teenager of the Year is Mackenzie Pilgrim.


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