Pleasanton progressing despite oil decline

City of Pleasanton Mayor

City of Pleasanton Mayor

There’s a whole lot going on here in Pleasanton!

Business is up from this time last year, indicated by sales tax returns…a building program is going on in the Pleasanton Independent School District…city water is being extended out to Interstate 37…city is working on an extension plan for the Pleasanton Municipal Airport runway from 4,000 to 5,002 feet…there’s a new well-designed Pleasanton Civic Center…H-E-B has completed its new greatlyenlarged store…Atascosa Health Center is completing its new building and Pleasanton will be building a new fire station with EMS facilities and AirLIFE for 24/7 operations at the Pleasanton Municipal Airport!

In the monthly city sales and use tax report for September, released recently, it shows a gain in Pleasanton compared to the 2014 September report.

Even though the price of oil has been declining since June of 2014, that’s 15 months ago, Pleasanton showed this increase in sales tax revenue. Net payment to the City of Pleasanton for the September report period showed dispersions of $455,676.72 this year compared to $449,208.86 in September, 2014. That’s up 1.43% even with the oil market decline of over 50% since June of 2014.

In the September report, so far, Pleasanton has received a total of $5,354,226.77 in 2015 compared to $5,165,807.67 in the 2014 September report. That’s growth of 3.64% so far this year.

Two huge apartment projects are under construction along with development in several subdivisions in the City of Pleasanton.

Five three story hotels have chosen to locate here along with ‘big name’ businesses such as IHOP, Chili’s and Wing Stop along with numerous shopping malls along Oaklawn St. joining a large list of fine businesses that have existed in Pleasanton and are part of what has always made this a fine, family-ortiented city to live in.

Over a hundred oil related firms have located in and around Pleasanton. There has been a decline in oil firm work, but for the most part, activity continues here.

Producers have designated areas to drill in during this decline and that’s where the bulk of the work is coming from. That would be mostly on the northern crude oil fringes of the Eagle Ford, a lot of that in the Sugarkane portion of the play that extends into lower Atascosa County. There’s lots of oil there. Drilling in chosen, oil rich areas of the Eagle Ford continues to progress.

There’s been a steady, cooperative reduction in service charges to the drillers and producers from the service companies. Drillers have also cut costs to producers.

Drillers and frac firms are completing wells much quicker than they did four years ago. There’s more expertise in procedures through innovation and understanding in drilling and fracking processes.

For example, four years ago, it would take 30 to 35 days to drill and frac a typical well. Now, that same process can take place in 10 to 16 days. Some total completions have been done in 8 days.

Experienced crews and engineering technological advances have brought this about.

Simply put, “you do something for a while and go through the learning process and soon you find it can be done quicker.” That’s happening in the oil business.

Clint Powell Pleasanton Mayor

Pleasanton Mayor Clint Powell highlighed some of the projects and accomplishments of the City of Pleasanton.

•It is our “conscience” guide. It speaks to everything that we do to serve our citizens.

•First and foremost customer service must be our focus.

•The protection of our citizens and their property insure the vitality of our community.

•The development and maintenance of infrastructure to support growth is important.

•Economic growth must become the “heartbeat” of our community.

•Water Resource Development, (the securing of water supplies for the long term), extending existing supplies (i.e. reuse and non-potable), and water conservation are vital for our future.

•It is crucial to take measures whereby the City continues to be dependent upon itself while striving to foster a cooperative spirit with its neighbors.

•Quality of life issues are important for the City in supporting its enhancement and growth.

Pleasanton Master Plan



•The City’s Road Map

–Prescribes and defines:

–1. Future Land Use Assumptions (Growth and What Kind)

–2. Public Safety Needs

–3. Thoroughfare/ Streets Capital Improvement Program(CIP)

–4. Water and Wastewater Capital Improvement Program(CIP)

–5. Quality of Life Issues (Parks)

Internal Financial Controls I. Adopted a Public
Funds Investment Policy
II. Adopted a Public
Funds Fund Balance Policy
III. Further Separated
Financial Duties with Staff
IV. Conducted 4 comprehensive Internal Audits
in 2013 and 2014

Internal Financial Controls •Results:
•I. City’s Credit Rating
upgraded two full notches
in 2014 (savings of some
$330,000 with the bond issued in 2014 for the Utility
•II. No ad valorem tax
increase in 5 years.
•III. Utility rates increased in 2014 for first
time in 4 years (Due to
operating in the red off
of reserve and increased
•IV. General Fund Balance has increased 4 Fold.
•V. Utility System is Fiscally Healthy Again.
VI. Independent Audits
have resulted in excellent
reports to the City Council. •Civic Center/Library
•Completed in 2014
•The Civic Center
continues to have reservations well into the future.
•Recent Report Delivered to the City Council
revealed it had far exceeded the original Business Model that had been
•The Library has a
circulation of about 3,000
titles per month.
• 16 new computers
were installed for the Public’s Use.
•A State of the Art Electronic Inventory System
for Books was also a part
of the Project and its
•Multi Event Center and
•Multi Event Center
I. Initiative by the City
Council to the Mayor in
early 2014.
II. Can we fund it ??
III. What can it do for
the City?
I. Initiative to develop
a runway re-alignment
began in 2014.
II. Recent Decision to
Fund an Airport Layout
Plan by the City Council.
III. Recent Decision for
the review of all leases
at the airport by the City
•Comprehensive Employee Benefit Plan
•By January 2012, the
City had lost 33% of its
work force to the Eagle
I. Retirement Plan
II. Increased the value
of Life Insurance

III. Increased Holidays
I. Adopted a Comprehensive Market Study (pay
ranges, step increases,
certification, education,
and licensing pay)
I. Adopted a voluntary
secondary Retirement Plan

Parks Master Plan and
Fire Station Study/2015
Parks Master Plan
1. The enhancement of
existing Parks.
2. The building of new
3. The construction
of new facilities ie. Multi
Events Center.
Fire Station Study
1. Placing almost all
of the City within the ISO
prescribed 1 1/2 mile distance of a Fire Station.
2. Living accommodations as the City moves to
a full time force.

I.The City is adhering to
and following its Strategic
II.The City is fully
implementing its Master
Plan, Pleasanton 2025.
III.The City is Financially Strong.
IV. The City recognizes
its most precious resource,
its employees.
V.The City is preparing
for the future.

The State of the City
is that of a community

which is:
1.Leading the way.
2.Has embraced Economic Development.
3.Preparing for the
4.Preserving its identity.

“The City of Pleasanton has made significant strides since the arrival of the Eagle Ford Oil and Gas Play,” said Bruce Pearson, Pleasanton City Manager, “From traffic congestion to the almost $140,000,000 of Economic Development, this economic opportunity has demanded that the City of Pleasanton rethink decades of stability in not only population but city services as well. Pleasanton’s population has grown to 14,000 from some 8,400 in 2010. “This kind of growth demands an increase in services as well as up to date policies and procedures to accommodate that growth. The City Council adopted a Master Plan in 2013 and directed the City Staff to implement it. To date we have implemented numerous provisions to include but not be limited to:

Future Land Use Assumptions A Potable Water Capital Improvement Plan. A Street Reconstruction Capital Improvement Plan.

Facilities Programming
and Construction.

Managed Growth.
Economic Development

“The City Council and the City Staff have now turned their attention to the future buildout of the Pleasanton Municipal Airport to include a runway re-alignment to over 5000 linear feet. In addition, particular attention will be paid to future hangar space and the terminal as well.

“Further, the City Council has given much attention in the past several months to the quality of life issues that we enjoy in Pleasanton. To that point the Council has commissioned a comprehensive Parks Master Plan. This plan should be presented to the governing body in approximately 60 days.”

Dr. Matthew Mann, Superintendent – Pleasanton Independent School District

The Pleasanton Independent School District is moving forward with their bond program from the successful passing by the voters this past May. I asked Superintendent Dr. Matthew Mann to elaborate.

Dr. Mann said, “We have several bid packages that are being developed. A number of the projects have been put together due to their size and scope.”

“The first bid project is an agricultural facility that is located on FM 476. This building project will be getting started soon. We also have a primary addition which consists of eight classrooms and a new bank of restrooms which will add an additional 11,000 square feet. We had a groundbreaking ceremony at both locations on Monday October 5th.”

“We are in the final design phase of a new elementary school and should be starting construction in April (2016). And, hopefully with a move in August, 2017.

“We will be starting the junior high, and PIC renovations along with the high school renovation simultaneously.”

I asked about the elementary school and Dr. Mann said, “It’ll be second through fifth grade and will be outfitted for a capacity of 1,200. The location is on 20 acres adjacent to Grant Street.

“We’ve also incorporated a comprehensive traffic plan to accommodate transportation in that area. We’re going to have ample parking inside the area. This will also include additional detailed traffic studies to help drive decisions and make any necessary adjustments.

“There will be a courtyard area that classes will be able to access during the day and that will also be utilized as an outdoor learning space. It will incorporate the natural terrain including the live oaks, and add additional landscaping and trees. “We’re very excited at PISD that we can include the existing live oaks into the design of the elementary school and other projects.”

Julia Garcia, Dean of Workforce Training & Director of Pleasanton Site – Coastal Bend College

Julia Garcia said, “Coastal Bend College Pleasanton has experienced exponential growth in various areas in recent years thanks to the expansion of several workforce programs and initiatives. Since 2013, CBC Pleasanton has seen a steady increase in enrollment

“Courses are offered at several area high schools through CBC’s Dual Enrollment Program that allows students the opportunity to begin their collegiate career sooner. This saves students and their family time and money since they can receive a high quality education at reduced rates. These students have access to the same facilities, services and support offered to traditional college students.

“Furthermore, CBC Pleasanton’s workforce and continuing education course offerings have expanded to include in-demand career training in welding, safety, oil and gas, manufacturing, and computer technology. Many of these courses are offered as short-term trainings that may be eligible for conversion to college credits. Meeting the needs of local industry partners and the job market is a top priority.

“Community attendance and engagement in outreach events such as Community Ties, College Day, blood drives and health fairs has increased by 70% since fall 2013. These events and initiatives allow CBC Pleasanton to partner with local businesses, schools, hospitals/ clinics and agencies to work together and support one another in the community.

“These events would not be possible without CBC’s dedicated faculty, staff and students. Students are actively involved in the college both in and out of the classroom. Working together, students have been able to raise funds to take trips to local museums, hair shows, the Texas State Aquarium, and various academic/workforce conferences that offer extra enrichment and learning opportunities.

“CBC Pleasanton prides itself on helping students succeed. The number of CBC Pleasanton students honored in the Dean’s List and Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), an International Academic Honor Society, showcases their scholastic achievements. In fall 2015, 11 CBC Pleasanton were inducted into PTK, and they are fundraising to attend the PTK National Conference in Washington, DC in spring 2016.”

Garcia concluded, “Looking forward, the College is excited to welcome Workforce Solutions Alamo to the Pleasanton location. This partnership will provide students and the community with a one-stop-shop for their educational and career needs. Also, the American Welding Society San Antonio Chapter will be holding Certified Welder Inspector Seminars at the site.”

Monty Small, Chief Executive Officer – Atascosa Health Clinic, Inc.

Monty Small said, “AHC has a 15 member Voluntary

Board of Directors who oversees all operations of AHC. The Directors are comprised of patients and other interested community minded individuals. AHC has two board members from the following counties (Karnes, Wilson, Live Oak and McMullen). The other Board members are from Atascosa County. AHC is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

“Today Atascosa Health Center (AHC) serves over 13,000 patients with over 30,000 visits through its 4 Community Health Centers. In 2016 AHC is projecting to serve over 17,000 patients with over 45,000 visits. AHC annual Revenue/expenses have changed from under 3 million in 2005 to over 8 million in 2015. However, this does not include all of the capital improvements AHC has made.

“For instance, in 2010 AHC moved into its 6,000 sqft administration building which was funded through a $600,000 Capital Grant and the general contractor to build the building was Wells Construction. Then in February 2015 from a Capital Building Grant of $5,000,000, AHC moved into its new 20,252 sqft Medical/Dental/Behavioral health facility which also was funded by a Federal Grant and was built by Davila Construction. Just recently, AHC Women, Infant and Children (WIC) program moved into its new 4,000 sqft building.

Also, AHC is working on opening up a 340B pharmacy for AHC’s patients in the dental side of the building. The grant will assist our patients with low cost medications, a one-stop shop, saving time, and gasoline plus the discounted drug savings. AHC will offer mail order services from the pharmacy to their homes or patients may pick up their prescriptions.

“In 2007 AHC expanded Medical/Dental/ Behavioral Health services into Karnes City, Karnes County (Karnes Community Health Center) and into Floresville, Wilson County (Wilson Community Health Center). In 2012 AHC opened up the Live Oak Community Health Center in Three Rivers, Live Oak County.

“AHC received a New Access Point Grant which will allow AHC to open up two new Community Health Centers, Tilden (McMullen Community Health Center) McMullen County and one in Lytle (Lytle Community Health Center). This would not have been possible if it was not for great partners such as McMullen County Judge and Commissioners as well as at the time Atascosa County Judge and the community of Lytle.

“AHC has achieved the Joint Commission recognition and is certified as a Primary Care Medical Home. To help achieve this goal, AHC implemented an Electronic Health/Dental Record (EHR) in 2010. AHC is working with its E.H.R. vendor (NextGen) to offer a patient portal for AHC patients.”

Small concluded, “AHC has collaborated with other agencies in order to offer more services at AHC facilities. For instance, by partnering with Camino Real Community Services and with Behavioral Health Services AHC is able to have additional Behavioral Health services such as the Outreach, Screening, Assessment and Referral (OSAR) services for alcohol and substance abuse. Atascosa Health Center, a Federally Qualified Health Center and has provided Medical/ Dental/Behavioral Health Care in the region for over 30 years.”

What is a Federally Qualified Health Care Center and how do they benefit the community?

FQHCs are innovators in the integration of primary and preventative medical, dental and behavioral health services.

The overall focus of an FQHC is to become a medi- cal home for all residents of the community and especially for those who are low-income and uninsured.

AHC like other FQHCs has a strong track record of helping patients achieve good health outcomes at a low cost by increasing access to preventive care and primary care.

Aubrey Smith, Unit Director of Pleasanton H-E-B

Aubrey Smith, Unit Director, said “We are honored to have served the Pleasanton community for over 45 years. We are proud to continue this tradition of service, low prices, and commitment to the community through our recently expanded store which offers exciting new features such as our delicious True Texas BBQ restaurant, Texas Front Yard department, and much more.”

City Manager Bruce Pearson & Doroteo Reyna, Pleasanton Utility Construction Foreman, discuss new city water tower and water line extension project to Interstate 37

Speaking about elements of the City of Pleasanton’s Master Plan, City Manager Bruce Pearson discussed the million and a quarter gallon storage tank that was constructed on Crestline, a city high point. Involved is the connection of this Crestline storage tank with the other five city water production stations.

Pearson said “This project, currently underway, will bring city water down SH 97 East to the Interstate 37 area.”

“Incorporating the project into the city’s Master Plan allowed the City Council to prioritize this expansion of the water utility system.”

City of Pleasanton growth has put the community into a program of planning for the future needs in its anticipated expansion.

Previously, Bruce Pearson, Pleasanton city manager said, “The size of tank erected here will probably carry Pleasanton for a minimum of the next 20 years, if not 25 years based on present growth patterns which is a regulatory requirement from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). You have to have a number of gallons of storage per meter that are in your area of service. So, with a million and a quarter gallon storage, it’ll add to our inventory of 650 to 700 thousand gallons of overhead storage we have at the present time.”

“It’ll take about seven to eight months to complete the pipeline from the Crestline water tower to the area of Interstate 37, and another three to four months to do the tieins. That puts the project completion time to be about August, 2016.”

Doroteo Reyna, Pleasanton Utility Construction Foreman said, “Right now we have about 3,800 feet of 12” C-900 DR18 pipe laid at the juncture of FM 476 and Haverlah Rd. That was Thursday, October 1.

“We started at Yosemite in front of the City’s Halpin Well and worked our way down to Yellowstone. We crossed over 476 and came down 476 and then took a left down Haverlah Rd. We’ll be proceeding down Haverlah Rd. where we’ll turn right onto Main. From there we’ll head into the pecan orchard and tie in to the existing burrow at the Atascosa River.

“We’ll proceed from the river and go underneath the existing burrow at the railroad track. Then continue east underneath First Street and the existing burrow under Second Street. From there we will be going down Uvalde Street to the Pleasanton Museum area where 16” pipe will begin and continue to the Interstate 37 area.”

Bob Hurley Atascosa County Judge

Atascosa County is pleased to be working with the City of Pleasanton in its airport expansion by providing EMS service to that area. We will have an ambulance housed in the city’s new fire station with 24/7 EMS technicians. The service is needed for the area because of the new airport growth, the area’s retail growth and the population growth. Pleasanton and the county have always worked well together and we want to keep that fine relationship going and growing.

LEON ZABAVA is the Oil and Gas Editor for the Pleasanton Express. He can be reached at 830.281.2341 or

Bruce Pearson Pleasanton City Manager

Bruce Pearson Pleasanton City Manager



Dean of Workforce Training & Director of Pleasanon Site - Coastal Bend College

Dean of Workforce Training & Director of Pleasanon Site – Coastal Bend College

Monty Small Chief Executive Officer, Atascosa Health Clinic, Inc.

Monty Small Chief Executive Officer, Atascosa Health Clinic, Inc.

Aubrey Smith Unit Director Pleasanton H-E-B

Aubrey Smith Unit Director Pleasanton H-E-B

Doroteo Reyna Pleasanton Utility Construction Foreman

Doroteo Reyna Pleasanton Utility Construction Foreman

City of Pleasanton work crew on Haverlah Rd. near FM 476 where a 12” waterline is being laid that is a portion of the linkage that will continue on to the area of the Longhorn Museum on Hwy 97 East, where it will feed into a 16” waterline that will proceed to the area of Interstate 37.

City of Pleasanton work crew on Haverlah Rd. near FM 476 where a 12” waterline is being laid that is a portion of the linkage that will continue on to the area of the Longhorn Museum on Hwy 97 East, where it will feed into a 16” waterline that will proceed to the area of Interstate 37.

Bob Hurley Atascosa County Judge

Bob Hurley Atascosa County Judge

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