Pleasanton, Poteet experiencing mail theft



Residents of Atascosa and Bexar counties have been experiencing mail theft which has become a serious problem for those depending on delivery of important papers and packages.

In Atascosa County, Pleasanton and Poteet have been targeted. Rural residents in Pleasanton have reported thefts of mail and a passport.

Thieves are not only hitting rural boxes, they are also breaking into cluster boxes in town, it was learned.

In Poteet, rural boxes are emptied. The thieves go through the mail, take what they want, and then dump the rest of the mail on the side of the road, postal officials there confirmed.

Some rural residents south of Pleasanton have had their cluster of boxes broken into on at least three occasions.

Jourdanton, Leming and Campbellton post office officials have not had reports of mail theft to date in their areas.

San Antonio is experiencing serious mail thefts also. It is possible, therefore, that mail thieves are coming out of San Antonio since they would have easy access to Pleasanton via IH- 37 and to Poteet via SH 16.

For those living in rural areas, secure mailboxes may be available at lumberyard/ hardware stores and are available online. One model, for example, has a door that can only be opened with a key to extract mail, but has a small slit on top to insert mail.

U.S. postal authorities have been contacted and will be forwarding information regarding who should be notified when thefts occur and any precautions residents should take. They ask residents to begin keeping a record of the dates of any mail thefts which will aid an investigation.

The Pleasanton Express will continue to provide more information as it becomes available.

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